Whales are eyeing up this cryptocurrency as a 100x explosion looks possible in 2023 following IEO

Tamadoge has been exploding over the last few days. Is it time to BUY now?

The new cryptocurrency – Tamadoge, has taken off. The token had an impressive rise in only a few months, ending the presale much earlier than developers had planned. The final raise was $19 million. Tama is up nearly 200% in the last 5 days.

The currency launched an initial exchange offering (IEO) on OKX after several new exchange listing options. In case of regulatory issues in accessing OKX, there is also an OKX DEX listing as well to enable investing.

What is Tamadoge? Use Case

The completely new project, Tamadoge (Buy Here) is an exciting game that compiles P2E games, NFT tokens, metaverse, and crypto investments. Created on the previous two top-rated games, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, Tamadoge has improved the appearance, and type of gaming, and resolved all bugs and problematic details. The same developers have changed all they found boring, non-payable, and hated by previous users.

The game is based on having a pet, which the owner buys in unique stores and grows until adulthood. The same stores will offer additions, necessities, and accessories for the pet so the owner can create their own model. On the other hand, after the owner finishes with upgrades, the new pet could be offered in the same store as an NFT for sale. The owner can also battle with other players and win prizes and higher positions on the leaderboard. Each price is payable, so the owner can earn money from investing in the pet. 

How to earn TAMA?

The new currency has an impressively high number of followers on the social network. Its high popularity supports more than 70k followers on Twitter and 20k members on the Telegram group. The game offers plenty of models for investing and earning money. In order to support the current owners and have new ones, the creators have planned many giveaways, which will be announced over a period of time. 

What does this news mean to TAMA owners and those interested in Tama?

  • The Listing on OKX means TAMA is finally available for trading
  • Given the use case and substantial improvements and variations versus other games, the crypto is sustainable, safe, and a promising new currency in the crypto world
  • The high number of investors in a short time, ending the presale faster than they had planned, and indeed an impressive jump in value promises a fantastic 2023
  • Given the extensive whale interest in other meme coins, it is expected that Whales too will join the fun given how quickly the price has risen.

How to buy TAMA?

The centralized exchange (called CEX) OKX was formerly called OKEx. For crypto traders, it is the name that has its DEX, where one can trade with Tamadoge. This exchange offers new sign-ups, which can bring you a winning mystery box.

>> Buy Tamadoge Now <<


Tamadoge is attractive to buyers because it combines pet ownership with gaming. We have held for a long time that Game-based cryptocurrencies have a more logical use case than many other cryptocurrencies. Tama’s performance has been good so far. It has just begun!

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