Will Apecoin Reach $50 and $100?

Will Apecoin Reach $50 and $100?

Will Apecoin Reach $50: If Apecoin gains 30% a year from now, in the next 8.5 years Apecoin will be valued at $50.

Will Apecoin Reach $100: Apecoin will reach $100 in next 12 years provided the price of Apecoin rises 50% a year from now.

Apecoin Price Prediction for the end of 2022 is $7.06 (aggregate).

What is Apecoin?

ApeCoin is a Bored Ape Yacht Club-affiliated cryptocurrency based upon the ERC-20 blockchain. Apecoin brings a much-awaited governance aspect to the APE ecosystem. Apecoin has been launched by Ape Foundation.

Here are some facts about Apecoin:

  • Ape Foundation launched the ape coin. Ape Foundation claims that Ape Coin will be driven by the community with the role of the Foundation as a steward and not an overseer. The Apecoin DAO will govern the community
  • Apecoin like many other cryptocurrencies is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • About 15% of circulating Ape Coins have been airdropped to current BAYC and MAYC NFT Holders
  • Apecoin is likely to be used as a Play to earn currency in the future. It is expected that as Yuga Labs strengthen its position in the Metaverse space, Apecoin will see a rise in demand for its cryptocurrencies
  • Apecoin is currently ranked 35th on Market Cap with nearly 300 Million in circulation
  • Apecoin reached its All-Time High of $39 in the last week of April and reached its lowest point in the year on June 19th, 2022. Apecoin rose 40% from its bottom within a week
  • It is also possible to earn interest by staking Ape

Will Apecoin Reach $50 and $100: What Owning an Apecoin means?

Owning an Apecoin will make the owner automatically part of Apecoin DAO. The Apecoin holders can participate in DAO governance votes and also get a chance to be part of other activities of an ecosystem like games, events and other services.
Owing an Apecoin will make you part of Yuga Labs metaverse, Otherside. ApeCoin plays a vital role in Otherside as it is the game’s official currency.

Will Apecoin Reach $50 and $100: What are the uses of Apecoin?

Apecoin is the utility token of the Apecoin ecosystem. It is used to power the entire Apecoin community. Here are some uses of Apecoin:

  • Apecoin is used as a governance token on the Apecoin. In other words, with Apecoin, a holder will have voting rights on the platform. Apecoin holders will have a say in the project’s development and important decisions on the platform.
  • Apecoin is also used for rewarding the participants of the community activity.
  • Apecoin token gives holders access to the popular games of Yuga Labs. It also makes a holder part of Yuga Labs’ metaverse, Otherside.
  • Apecoin holders automatically become part of Apecoin DAO.

Will Apecoin Reach $50 and $100: Tokenomics

The total supply of Apecoin is 1,000,000,000 of which 306,875,000.00 APE are in circulation. Here is the tokenomics of Apecoin:

  • 62% of the tokens to the ApeCoin DAO community. 
  • 16% of the tokens to Yuga Labs.
  • 14% of the tokens to the companies and people who helped make Apecoin
  • 8% of the tokens will to the four founders of Yuga Labs and BAYC.

Will Apecoin Reach $50?

Apecoin’s all-time high was close to $40 therefore it has higher chance of reaching $50. Here is how and when Apecoin can reach $50:

Time Frame
If APE Rises 30% A YearIn the Next 8.5 years
If APE Rises 50% A YearIn the Next 6 years

Will Apecoin Reach $100?

At the current price, Apecoin will have to rise 20 times to reach $100. Here are a few scenarios how Apecoin can reach $100:

Time Frame
If APE Rises 30% A YearIn the Next 17 years
If APE Rises 50% A YearIn the Next 12 years

Where to Buy Apecoin?

Apecoin is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies and multiple platforms have listed Apecoin for trade. Some of the exchanges where you can purchase Apecoin are:


Will Apecoin Reach $50: Video Analysis

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