Will Axie Infinity reach $1000: To reach a value of $1000, Axie Infinity will need a minimum of 8.17 years.

While investing, many people wonder, “Will Axie infinity reach $1000?” and “How much time will it take to reach that value?” Let’s try to find out in this report:

First of all, let us analyze various factors (such as AXS’s price movements, its competitors etc) that can help us determine Axie’s growth rate in future.

Will Axie Infinity reach $1000? Latest updates

The market price of AXS, at the time of writing, is $7.65 and is down by more than 7.2% in just one day. Also, its price has increased by nearly 6.01%, keeping in mind its price 7 days ago was $7.19.

image 302
7-day graph

Recently, Axie has announced the upcoming Season 2 changes in the Bird Cards.

~Charu Taneja

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Charu Taneja

Charu Taneja