Will CRO reach $1, $10? Detailed Analysis

Will CRO reach $1, $10? Detailed Analysis

Will CRO reach $1: For CRO to reach $1 it will have to rise 10 times from its current price. This is quite an easily achievable target, read on.

Will CRO reach $10: For CRO to reach $10 it will have to rise 100 times from its current price. Let us explore if CRO is capable of achieving this.

Latest CRO (Cronos) Price

Will CRO reach $1: What is CRO or CRONOS?

  • Cronos, earlier known as CRO, is the native cryptocurrency of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Crypto.com.
  • CRONOS is the 27th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. The overall market cap of CRO as of now is around $2.7 B.
  • There are two kinds of CRO Coins. CRO is a native currency of the Crypto.org blockchain and can be used for Crytpo.org transactions. CRO is also an ERC-20 Token used for transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain and needs Ether as gas fees for transactions
  • CRONOS is powered by Ethermint and it is the first blockchain that interoperates with both Ethereum and COSMOS ecosystems. This means that with CRONOS the apps and crypto assets built on its blockchain can be instantly ported to different chains.

Will CRO reach $10: What is Crypto.com and How does it Help CRONOS?

  • Crypto.com is one of the largest crypto exchanges with a weekly visit of over 1 M users. To make its presence felt around the world, Crypto.com acquired the naming right of Staples Center, the home basketball court of both Lakers and the Clippers.
  • Crypto.com was also the official sponsor of last season’s NFL Super Bowl. Crypto.com is also the official sponsor of this year’s FIFA World Cup
  • With the backing of Crypto.com, the trust among the investors rises for CRONOS. Added to it, with less competition, CRO can perform well in the long run due to the growing popularity of Crypto.com.

Will Cronos reach $1: What are the uses of CRO Coin?

  • CRO blockchain is focused on providing utility to the users of Crypto.com’s payment, trading, and financial services solutions. CRO allows users to pay more to online merchants and it also sometimes acts as an intermediary currency that allows users to convert the cryptocurrency. 
  • One of the main uses of CRONOS is to facilitate trades on the Crypto.com platform. It can also be used for Decentralized Finance.
  • CRO facilitates the trade on the crypto.com platform. It also acts as an intermediary currency that allows users to convert the cryptocurrency. Apart from this, CRO coin is used for Staking on the crypto.com exchange.
  • Crypto.com offers a prepaid Visa card that functions like a rewards debit card to allow users to spend their crypto holdings easily. CRO is used as a medium of payment for Crypto.com VISA cards.

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Will CRO reach $10: CRO Price Performance

  • CRO lost two-thirds of its value in April 2022. First because of the Fed rolling out a plan to reduce the size of its balance sheet and second because of the Collapse of LUNA
  • CRO has risen 2% since June 18th which is the bottom for many Cryptocurrencies
  • CRO’s future growth is dependent on improved external liquidity (which may remain an issue for many months to come) and how CRO is able to really stand out in the market. It has failed to stand out in the market despite the Crypto.com association as well as Cronos’ rebranding. The lack of a strong community is a major issue. The lack of strong influencer engagements is also another major issue.

So any forecasts and scenario building are in the context of these short-term and long-term challenges for Cronos.

Will CRO Reach $1?

CRO has a higher chance of reaching $1. CRO almost reached $1 in November 2021 but after touching $0.96 the price retreated. Considering the current market condition here is how and when will CRO reach $1:

Time Frame
If CRONOS Rises 30% A YearIn the Next 8.5 years
If CRONOS Rises 50% A YearIn the Next 5.5 years

Will CRO Reach $10? Scenarios

As per the prediction for 2022, CRO could reach a maximum of $0.13 by the end of 2022 and $0.44 by the end of 2025. However, by the end of 2030, CRO is predicted to reach $2.2. Therefore, if the aggregate of predictions by different platforms is considered, CRO may fail to reach $10 even by the end of 2030.

However, as the market condition improves CRO may reach $10. Here is how CRO will reach $10:

ConditionTime Frame
If CRONOS Rises 30% A YearIn the Next 17 years
If CRONOS Rises 50% A YearIn the Next 11 years

Video Analysis

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Will CRO Reach $10 or even $1: Conclusion

In conclusion, it can be said that CRONOS has the potential to reach $10 or $1 but the rise will depend upon the market condition and also the expansion of use cases of the CRONOS blockchain.

Will CRO reach $1

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