Will Ethereum go up? ETH Price Prediction 2023-2030

Will Ethereum go up? ETH Price Prediction 2023-2030

Will Ethereum go up? Ethereum has recovered multiple times after a major fall and is likely to do so over the next 12 months.

Will Ethereum price reach $15000? Yes, in the next 5-10 years depending on how various scenarios unfold.

Will Ethereum reach $100,000? Highly unlikely it will. That said, we have little data to make that prediction at the moment.

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Latest Ethereum Price USD

Performance of ETH

  • 1 Month: +34.5% (BTC: +36.0%)
  • 3 Months: +25.5% (BTC: +19.4%)
  • 12 Months: -32.3% (BTC: -34.8%)

Ethereum Technical Indicators

  • RSI: Buy
  • Stoch RSI: Neutral
  • MACD: Buy
  • Moving Average: Buy

Overall Momentum and Recommendation: Buy

Why is Ethereum rising?

There are 3 major reasons why Ethereum price is rising

  1. Over the last few weeks, Altcoins have been gradually recovering which in turn pushed trading volumes higher eventually culminating in the PUMP after the December inflation report was released. The more we trade Alts, the Eth gains as most of the Alts are on the Ethereum blockchain
  2. Second, the rise in Altcoins has also led to increasing in DeFi transactions which are again good for the Ethereum blockchain and the demand for Ethereum
  3. The after-effects of FTX are over and the main barriers currently are the broader economic environment.
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Ethereum Forecast: Is Ethereum a Good Investment?

Ethereum expands on the Bitcoin Blockchain by building smart contract features that are cumbersome to execute on Bitcoin. ERC-20 is a standard used on the Ethereum Blockchain to issue smart contracts in the form of Fungible Tokens. This standard can be used across a variety of products and services. Cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu are issued through ERC-20 Token. ERC-721 is a standard to issue Non-Fungible Tokens.

Competitors of ETH: Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot

Main Sources of Ethereum Value: ERC-20 Token Transactions, DeFi Contracts, NFT Transactions.

Ethereum has had two loss years since its launch (after a hard fork with ETC) in 2016. The losses came in 2018 and 2019, the years when the Federal Reserve reduced the size of its balance sheet. The losses in 2022 have also followed the same pattern.

Gain Years: 2017, 2020, 2021

Loss Years: 2018,2019,2022

In how many days did Ethereum double in the past?

  • $100 to $200: 11 Days
  • $200 to $400: 178 Days
  • $400 to $800: 26 Days
  • $800 to $1600: 1143 Days
  • $1600 to $3200: 58 Days

Why did Ethereum fall in 2022?

Major Ethereum Crashes over the last 5 years

  • Between January 2018 to December 2018 [$1400 to $90]. The Federal Reserve had reduced the size of its balance sheet
  • May 2021 to July 2021. [$3900 to $1786]. The Chinese government began a crackdown on cryptocurrencies.
  • November 2021 to June 2022. The Cryptocrash of 2021-22 owing historically high inflation rates

Ethereum crashed in 2022 for multiple reasons

  • The increasing rate of inflation until the middle of this year. Inflation was rising because of zero interest rates and a spike in crude oil prices on account of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. The increasing interest rates brought down liquidity and have pushed Eth prices lower
  • The Luna Crash and its side effects. Luna Token crashed in May and as a result, investors lost confidence in cryptocurrencies and specifically altcoins. Ethereum is heavily dependent on other Altcoins(as they use the ERC-20 protocol) on token demand and the crash of Luna significantly brought down the price of Ethereum
  • FTX Crash and its side effects. The FTX scam further eroded the interest levels of investors and this brought the price of Ethereum even lower.

Is Ethereum going up?

Ethereum has risen 28% since the crash of FTX. It has been one of the top performers (apart from Metaverse/gaming Tokens). Bitcoin rose 18% during that period.

Ethereum has risen due to multiple reasons

  • The inflation rate has fallen improving market sentiments which encourage investors to return to risky assets like Cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum benefits whenever the crypto market performs well because many cryptocurrencies use the ERC-20 Token
  • With no major crisis after the FTX scandal, the negative effects of FTX have reduced significantly.
  • With the losses due to FTX more clearly identified, FUD trended lower and helped push the Eth price higher
  • As FUD fell, DeFi TVL stopped crashing leading to more demand for Eth (Gas fees). This pushed Eth higher as well

When will Ethereum go up to $3000 in 2023?

  1. Ethereum has already risen from the bottom of November
  2. The future increase will depend a lot on how the Global economy and US interest rates play out.
  3. If the Global economies get better in the first half, Eth should see a massive pump. If not, it would take a few months into the second half or early next year for a major Ethereum pump
  4. The combination of the two could push inflation lower and help Crypto prices

Between 2018 and 2020 when the Fed first stopped and then began to expand its balance sheet, Bitcoin and Ethereum rose more than 3 fold from the bottom. However, both had significantly lower Market Cap than Ethereum today. At that time there were about 2000 Altcoins and BTC dominance was above 60%. Today, there are nearly 10k Altcoins and BTC dominance is below 50%. So, while Ethereum will certainly rise significantly if the economic conditions improve through the year, it is unrealistic to expect a doubling in the next 11 months. Such asset inflation could push inflation higher again and result in more interest rate hikes.

How low will Ethereum go?

  • Ethereum has managed to stay above the $1k level over the last 6 months. BTC for example fell below the June low after the FTX scam was unearthed
  • Eth is up nearly 15% over the last 3 weeks
  • Ethereum is likely to fall below $1k under the following circumstances
    • A major economic recession
    • Inflation rises again
    • Another scam unraveling in the cryptocurrency industry
    • A new regulation that tightens the trading of cryptocurrencies
    • XRP losing its case to the SEC. This could result in more regulation

Will Ethereum Crash again in 2023?

Yes, Ethereum could crash again in 2023. However, there is low to moderate certainty in the prediction. Here is why Ethereum could crash again in 2023

  • The continued rise in interest rates could lead to a bigger crash than anticipated in the economy
  • Further deterioration in both the Chinese and European economies could lead to less demand and interest in ETH tokens
  • Another FTX/ Luna type of scam taking Eth even lower than the recent bottoms

Our ability to predict each of these events is moderate at best. So the worst-case scenario is we cannot rule out another big crash in 2022.

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Ethereum Price Target – Framework

Currently, we aggregate Ethereum Price Targets from a variety of platforms and sources. However, past experience suggests that while it is possible to predict the general direction of cryptocurrency prices, it is almost impossible to predict the price itself with high levels of accuracy beyond a day.

That said, our emphasis, therefore, is on evaluating a cryptocurrency on a variety of facets – use cases, competitiveness, and, the trajectory of performance so far. Some cryptocurrencies have additional strengths viz Community or strong funding and corporate support.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2023

The current environment is highly unpredictable

  • Multiple scandals in the cryptocurrency industry (FTX, Luna etc)
  • Rising interest rates
  • Conflict in Europe,
  • Spectacular fall of China’s economy.
  • New info reporting improvements in Blockchain adoption (Via DeFi, NFT, etc)

Among these, macroeconomic factors play a huge role. Ethereum is down 75% over the last 12 months, a large part of it due to the Liquidity squeeze imposed by the Federal Reserve on account of high inflation. Previous such liquidity squeezes (in 2018-19 for example) have led to a 65% drop in price. In that context, global economic recovery is the most important determining factor for Ethereum’s revival to the levels since 2021. Using 2018-19 Fed patterns as a base for learning, it is unlikely Ethereum will return to 2021 levels before 2025.

The Global supply chains are yet to recover fully. Therefore, In the short run, the volatility will likely be high. However, The price of Ether is likely to rise over the next few years, first gradually over the next 2 years before pumping higher in 2025.

Most platforms however are projecting fairly optimistic growth for Ethereum in 2023 probably banking on a more certain environment in the second half of 2023.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2023 is $2831

Competitor Analysis: Ethereum Vs Solana

Let us have a brief comparison between Ethereum and Solana:

Major audienceUsers looking for a community-run technology for crypto and decentralized applications.Users and developers looking for a fast and secure blockchain.
Supported platformsSaaSSaaS
CategoriesBlockchain, Crypto lending, Crypto staking, Defi projects, Layer 1 protocols and smart contractsBlockchain, Layer 1 protocols and Smart contracts
Number of integrationsA total of 895 integrations including Ledger Nano X, Notifi, Atlas DEX etcA total of 221 integrations.
Performance in the last one month+1.3x+2.15x
Performance in the last 3 months+1.09x-1.27x

Solana’s only USP is its fast and secure transactions in comparison to the Ethereum blockchain. Other than that, Ethereum is much more popular for decentralized applications and smart contracts deployment. Furthermore, we can see that ETH’s price is consistently improving in the past three months, in contrast to Solana.

Competitor Analysis: Vechain Vs Ethereum

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain that allows the execution of decentralized smart contracts. Ethereum blockchain is widely known and provides a global platform for DApps where users from all across the world can write and run software which is fraud and censorship-resistant.

On the other hand, VeChain is a layer 1 smart contract platform which aims to distribute IoT technologies for creating an ecosystem to solve various hurdles for different industries including food, beverages, medical etc.

Let us have a brief comparison between Ethereum and VeChain here:

  • Ethereum is supported only on SaaS, whereas Vechain is supported on SaaS, Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Vechain is into Blockchain, Layer 1 protocols and smart contracts, while, Ethereum is into Blockchain, crypto lending, crypto staking, Defi projects, Layer 1 protocols and smart contracts.
  • Vechain’s price has decreased by 2.21 whereas Ethereum’s price has decreased by 1.5 times in the past year.
  • For the last three months, VET’s price has decreased by merely 0.99 times, while, ETH’s price has increased by 1.09 times.
  • VET’s price has increased by 1.43 times in the past month. On the other hand, Ethereum’s price increased by 1.3 times for a similar duration.

Factors that can impact Ethereum in 2023

The following are the major factors that can impact and govern Solana’s price this year:

Market conditions (like liquidity and inflation): As we know that 2022 wasn’t a good year for the entire crypto market because the conditions of liquidity and inflation were not in favor. Therefore, these factors will again play a crucial role in determining ETH’s price for 2023.

Upgradation in Ethereum 2.0: Ethereum’s transaction speed was always the drawback of the network. Hence, Ethereum 2.0 is the upgraded version by Ethereum to improve its speed. Therefore, further improvements will also be an important factor to determine ETH’s price this year.

Growth of the NFT industry: NFTs are a crucial part of the Ethereum blockchain. As per the data, 76% of the NFTs (by volume) are on Ethereum and hence, growth in the NFT industry will also help in the growth of the Ethereum blockchain as a whole. as per the data, there is more than 53$ increase in NFTs sale on Ethereum in the last 30 days.

Roadmap for Q1 2023

The roadmap for the first Quarter of 2023 includes Ethereum.org maintenance, hiring a community lead, implementing an open design system, setting up Storybook and Chromatic, and launchpad withdrawals.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2025

Global economies are likely to recover fully by 2024 and this will push Ethereum significantly higher between 2024 and 2025. Projections for 2025 are quite optimistic and this is much more certain than the projections for 2023.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2025 is $5216

The factors that will drive growth in the next 3 years are

  • Undisputed leader in the smart contracts space. One needs ETH to carry out transactions using Ethereum Layer-1 Blockchain Most Altcoins use ERC Token framework, so as many Alts fail, the few that are left will continue to power Ethereum both in the short and long run.
  • Metaverses are likely to boom on the back of better VR Glasses which are likely to be introduced in the second half of 2023. Facebook’s Meta is also likely to drive the increase in Metaverse subscriptions in the next 3 years.
  • The Merge leads to Ethereum deflation (a type of Burn) The Market Cap of Cryptocurrencies now is $ 1 Trillion.
  • 1% of the allocation of current global wealth would amount to $4 Trillion which is 4x the current Market Cap. Therefore, it is likely good cryptocurrencies like Ethereum will continue to receive investor allocations and Ethereum in theory could rise 4 fold over the next 2 years.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2030

The period between 2025 and 2030 is likely to be the Golden era of Ethereum with increased adoption rates across institutions, amongst consumers driving a massive need for the Ethereum Token.

In theory, these projections are likely given the build-up so far. Risks: There are likely to be cyclical economic winds as well as new innovations that could hurt blockchain and Ethereum.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2030 is $23015

Ethereum Price Prediction 2040

We project Ethereum prices for 2040 on the basis of conservative scenarios.

  • If the ETH price increases by 15% per annum: $16,228
  • If the ETH price increases by 25% per annum: $72,792

Will Ethereum reach $10,000?

To reach $10,000, Ethereum needs to grow by 7.16 times, considering its current market price to be $1,396.

Also, ETH reached its all-time high price of $4,725 in November 2021 where it grew by roughly 36 times in 20 months (from a lower price of $131 in March 2020). Thus, it grew by 1.8 times in one month.

Therefore, ETH requires roughly 4 months to reach $10,000, as per the calculation.

However, it will certainly need more time to reach that value because of non-favorable macroeconomic conditions and liquidity factors. As per the data, liquidity conditions are still not apt for the growth of the crypto market, and inflation is expected to remain hot as well.

Ethereum price prediction $15000, $50,000, and $100,000

Ethereum Price can reach $15000 by 2028 if the economic environment improves next year and blockchain adoption takes off over the next 3 years.

However, in the event that liquidity improves gradually and blockchain takes off much more slowly, Ethereum Price is likely to reach $15000 by 2033.

Ethereum price prediction $50,000

If things turn out really well for Ethereum, with high adoption rates and no major regulatory hassles, Ethereum could reach $50,000 by 2036.

In the event of a more pessimistic situation with regulatory hassles and slower blockchain adoption, Ethereum will reach $50,000 after 2040.

Ethereum price prediction $100,000

We do not have enough data to predict if Ethereum will reach $100,000. It is likely Ethereum Price will reach about $40,000 by 2040 but anything beyond 10 years from now is extremely difficult to predict.

Ethereum Price Prediction Today: Latest Social Media Sentiment

MetricLast 24 HoursTrend
Net Social Media Sentiment42Lower

Ethereum Price Prediction Today: Summary

Overall OutlookPartially Negative
1. Market's WisdomNeutral
1a. Market DataNeutral
1b. Technical RecommendationNeutral
2. Crowd's WisdomPartially Negative
2a. Social Media BuzzSteady
2b. Social Media SentimentLower

Eth Price Prediction: ETH Wallet Analysis

Holders Making Money at the current price? 47%

Holders > 1 Year: 67%

Source: Intotheblock

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Ethereum Prediction: Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influence Ethereum Price Positively?
  • Increased Liquidity
  • Inclusion in mainstream ETFs
  • Increase in Adoption (DeFi, NFT, Smart Contracts, etc)
What factors influence Ethereum Price Negatively?
  • Inflation and higher interest rates
  • In-market issues like LUNA etc
  • Losing Share in Blockchain adoption to other Layer-1 Blockchains
Can Ethereum rise to $10k?

Ethereum at $10k will have a market cap of $1.2 Trillion. For example, if ETH were to rise at 15% per annum, it would take ETH just 13 years to reach the $10k level. It took Bitcoin less than 1 year to rise from $1700 to $10k. However, there are 19 million Bitcoins in circulation while there are 122 million Ethereum in circulation. By this calculation, it would take ETH 6 years to reach the $10k level. Ethereum may end up reaching $10k far quickly if there are huge breakthroughs in adoption rates. Overall, The chances of $ETH reaching $10k are quite high.

Ethereum Forecast: Can Ethereum rise to $50k?

Ethereum at $50k will have a market cap of $4 Trillion. In theory, this is possible. For example, if ETH were to rise at 15% per annum, it would take ETH 25 years to reach the $50k level. It took Bitcoin 4 years to rise from $1700 to $50k. However, there are 19 million Bitcoins in circulation while there are 122 million Ethereum in circulation. By this calculation, it would take ETH 24 years to reach the $50k level. Such long-term forecasts tend to be unreliable. Ethereum may end up reaching $50k far quickly if there are huge breakthroughs in adoption rates.

What will Ethereum be worth in 2025?

Ethereum forecasts change on a periodic basis due to the changing macroeconomic conditions and the evolution of blockchain utility as well as token utility and usage. As things stand today, Ethereum price is likely to range between $3.5k and 5k by the end of 2025.

What will Eth be worth in 2030?

Long terms forecasts are not reliable and holding a position rigidly without recognizing the changing environment would be foolish. That said, Ethereum is one of the most promising as well as performing blockchains in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and being optimistic about it at the moment is not at all foolish. After all most cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu operate on the Ethereum blockchain. At the moment, looking at current momentum, likely demand and a study of how Bitcoin price changed over the years, the aggregated forecast for 2030 is between $20k and $25k. This will change over time.

How much will Ethereum be in 5 years?

Ethereum is likely to trade between $10k and $15k five years from now.

What will ETH be worth in 10 years?

Eth will be worth $30k and $40k, ten years from now.

What is Staking? What is the Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism?

The Proof of Stake model requires cryptocurrency holders to keep some of their coins at stake which can be used to verify transactions. It is an improved version of the Proof of Work model and makes an attack or hack less likely or unfruitful. By keeping coins at stake, the stakeholders earn rewards.

Which is better? Ethereum or Bitcoin?

There is no agreement on which is better but Bitcoin and Ethereum have similar and different characteristics which make both compelling stories.

  • Bitcoin has been developed to behave like a currency which means it can be used for payment as well as stored like Gold because of its limited supply and mining characteristics. Ether is a token that is needed in order to use the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain can be used to build numerous apps and services by companies other than the Ethereum foundation itself
  • Both of them are decentralized and need validators to verify transactions, and the coins can be traded in an exchange and stored in a wallet
What are the Use Cases for Ethereum?

Ethereum has multiple use cases.

  • DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisations): Unlike traditional organizational structures with clear leadership and top-down decision-making, DAOs work in a more democratic way with proposals voted by members of the blockchain.
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts: Most Altcoins do not have blockchains of their own. Instead, they issue ERC-20 Tokens from the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum charges a gas fee in the form of Ether (Eth) cryptocurrency for using the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Metaverse: Almost all Metaverse platforms issue built on the Ethereum Blockchain. So while Ether itself is not used on
  • DeFi Tokens: Ethereum is a dominant player in this space with most Tokens and Apps built on Ethereum
  • Decentralized Apps (DApps) like Uniswap, Polymarket, etc
Will Ethereum go up in 2023?

Given the information we have today, we expect liquidity to stabilize or improve and blockchain and token adoption to rise. So the odds of Ethereum going up in 2023 is higher than the odds of falling lower. However, macro and industry risks remain and could rear an ugly head anytime.

How High will Ethereum go?

According to current forecasts, Ethereum could rise as high as $75,000 by 2040. While this is not a perfect estimate, a 60x return over the next 20 years wouldn’t be unusual for a company that is a leading player in a new technology segment.

Is it worth buying Ethereum now?

Yes if the desire is to hold for 3 to 5 years. In the short run, the volatility will likely be high given the uncertainties listed earlier.

Best Ethereum Wallets

Ethereum wallets allow users to carry out transactions and connect to applications. The following mentioned the four best Ethereum wallets:

MetaMask- It is the most popular Ethereum wallet in the market that has reported more than 30 million users across the globe. It is a non-custodial wallet whose top most coins are ETH, SHIB, UNI, AAVE and DAI.

Trust Wallet- Trust wallet supports more than 4.5 million cryptocurrencies over 65 blockchains and its top coins are BTC, ETH, SOL, LTC and BNB.

Exodus- It is the most beginner-friendly wallet enabling users to manage their ETH and ETH-based tokens in one place.

Guarda- This is a non-custodial wallet whose top coins include ETH, BTC, USDT, ADA and SOL. Guarda wallet is known to be highly secure enabling users to store, receive, and send ETH and ETH-based tokens.

Ethereum Reddit Discussions

In the latest Reddit discussion, users are discussing that Ethereum is strongest than it was ever before. Let’s have a look.

The discussion says that there are many competing scaling solutions in the market including Arbitrum, ZK Sync, Loopring, and Optimism for private transactions for the Ethereum blockchain that are capable of reducing fees on the network.

Furthermore, there are staking withdrawals coming soon and Rocketpool is coming to further increase Ethereum’s decentralization.

In this discussion, one user commented that the development around scalability and decentralization is fine, but there is still scope for developing actual application of smart contracts. Another user commented that it’s no longer ETH vs ETH Killers, now it’s about ETH L2s vs other L1s.

How to buy Ethereum?

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Here are the steps to buy or Invest in Ethereum:

Requirements to buy Ethereum:

  1. Need to have a Crypto Exchange Account
  2. Need to Have a Crypto Wallet

Steps to Invest In Ethereum

  1. Choose a Crypto Exchange
  2. Create your account with the Crypto Exchange
  3. Fund Your Wallet
  4. Buy Ethereum
  5. Store

Ethereum can be purchased on the following websites/ apps –Coinbase, Binance, Robinhood, Crypto.com, Using a Decentralized Exchange, CEX.IO (Using a Credit or Debit Card), Kraken

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions.

Will Ethereum go up? When will Ethereum go up?


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