Will Fetch AI reach $100, $10?

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Will Fetch AI reach $100? Introduction to Fetch.ai

Fetch.AI is a decentralized platform that uses autonomous software agents to create digital representations of the real world. These agents undertake various tasks and are compensated with Fetch.AI Tokens. The platform’s smart ledger technology streamlines the connection between agents and those seeking value, fostering the development of new decentralized marketplaces.

The Fetch.AI Token (FET) is integral to network transactions and used for staking and as a measure against misconduct. Assessing its trajectory, Fetch.AI experienced a commendable growth of +174.2% in 2023 but has declined by -37.7% since its inception in 2019. In the landscape of blockchain and AI, Fetch.AI stands distinctively, whereas IOTA primarily targets developers interested in distributed ledger technologies.

Can Fetch.ai reach $10?

To reach $10, FET will need to grow by 40 times to reach a price level of $10. At $10, Fet’s Market cap will be $8 Billion.

Fetch is riding on the AI bandwagon and had a great year in 2023. However, the product is still under development and competition has intensified across the board. This being the early days of the AI boom, it is too early to declare the winners or losers.

That said, over the next 5-10 years, FET could emerge as a top 50 player globally in this space. This could translate to a $10B Market for the company. However, it is unlikely to translate to a $10B market cap for the Token. The primary use cases for FET and FET Token are for large and small businesses. Therefore the mass adoption of the Token itself is unlikely. Fetch.ai will not reach $10 unless the platform itself finds use cases for individuals.

Fetch AI Price Prediction: Will Fetch.ai reach $100?

To reach $100, FET needs to grow by 400 times. This translates to a market cap of $80 Billion. Given the above analysis, FET is unlikely to reach $100 as the use cases for the FET Token are limited, the market is competitive, the market cap expectations are high and it is quite early in the AI Boom to predict the long terms performance of any AI relate Token.

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