Will Radiant Capital rise before the Ethereum Mainnet Launch on October 15th?

Radiant Capital has decided to postpone its highly anticipated launch on the Ethereum mainnet. Originally, the launch date was set for October 3, but the new launch date is now scheduled for October 15. The delay comes as Radiant Capital identified opportunities to improve the efficiency of gas usage, which is crucial for transactions on the Ethereum network. By prioritizing these gas optimizations, Radiant Capital aims to offer users a smoother experience with competitive gas costs.

During this extended period, Radiant Capital will focus on making further improvements to their smart contracts and conducting thorough testing to ensure a successful mainnet launch. Also, there’s $70 billion in stablecoins on Ethereum, but a large portion of them are not being utilized to generate yields. Radiant might target Aave’s $2 billion staked Ethereum pool with its upcoming Ethereum launch.

Radiant Capital’s Total Value Locked has experienced slight fluctuations in recent months. Currently, its TVL stands at $269.2 million. However, since March, Radiant’s revenue has shown consistent growth, now reaching $10.1 million with an annualized revenue of $15.1 million. Radiant Capital is available on both Arbitrum and BSC, with Arbitrum having a TVL of $176.7 million and BSC having a TVL of $97.5 million.

Radiant Capital had a strong performance this year, particularly in March and April, when it reached its all-time high. Although its value has declined gradually from its peak, it still had a strong overall performance this year. However, it faces stiff competition in the competitive world of decentralized finance (DeFi) from platforms like Aave, MakerDAO, and Compound Finance. The upcoming Ethereum mainnet launch on October 15, with a focus on optimizing gas usage for competitive costs, is a positive development for Radiant Capital. This commitment to enhancing the user experience seems like a promising sign for Radiant Capital.

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