Will Sandbox Reach $100, $10 and $1000?

Will Sandbox Reach $100, $10 and $1000?

Will Sandbox Reach $100: To reach a value of $10, SAND needs to grow by 94.3% and it might take another 14 months to reach that value.

A few questions that come to everyone’s mind are “Will Sandbox reach $10 or $100 or even $1000?”. Let’s find out in this report:

First of all, let us analyze various factors that can help us determine Sandbox’s growth rate in future.

Will Sandbox Reach $100: Sandbox’s comparison with its competitors

As of October 2022, Decentraland has reported greater than 56,000 monthly active users, while the number of monthly active players in the case of Sandbox is more than 200,000. To use Sandbox, users have to pay a fee of 5% SAND, which goes to a foundation to help artists and creators. On the contrary, Decentraland charges a fee of 2.5% MANA, which goes to the DAO to manage its virtual world.

Also, unlike its competitors, Sandbox has more robust opportunities to offer gamers because it is always more focused on game development and not just creating art and wearables (in the case of Decentraland).

Though Sandbox has a lot to offer to gamers in terms of the gaming environment and is indeed overperforming its competitors at the moment, it certainly needs much time to reach a value of $10. Looking at its current value of $0.57, it’s not too soon to reach $10. As of now, when the economy is not performing very well, people are not spending much on non-essential services (such as gaming). Once the economy recovers, more people will start spending on leisure activities and eventually, Sandbox will get more players.

Growth in the NFT Gaming Market

Another factor to look into is the NFT gaming industry. The NFT market is growing at a tremendous rate since 2020. For instance, data suggests that the size of the NFT market in 2020 was $232M and it reached a value of $22B by 2021 only. Furthermore, reports suggest that the NFT market will grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 23.9% till 2028 while NFT Gaming Market will grow at 32.5% CAGR in the next 5 years (till 2028). The growth in NFT Gaming Market is indeed a piece of positive news for Sandbox and its competitors.

Will Sandbox Reach $100: Sandbox’s price history and movements (to reach its all-time high)

Price movements are always one of the crucial factors to determine and predict the price of crypto. Below is attached SAND’s all-time graph and we can see that the coin peaked at $7.53 in November 2021.

image 134
Image: SAND’s all-time curve

SAND’s price in August 2020 was $0.051, meaning that it took 15 months for Sandbox to reach its all-time high price of $7.53. Note that, it was almost 99% growth from the beginning to its all-time price.

Keeping in mind, its current price of 0.57, we can safely say that SAND’s price has declined by 92% in just 12 months.

To reach a value of $10, SAND needs to grow by 94.3%. Considering a growth rate of 99% (which SAND showed to reach its all-time value) which it completed in mere 15 months, we can say that it might take another 14 months to reach a value of $10. However, it is not the only factor to consider.

Growth Curve of Sandbox’s competitors- Mana and Gala

Decentraland and Gala are two notable competitors of Sandbox. Let us also have a look at their growth rates:

image 135
Image: MANA’s all-time high graph

Mana’s all-time high price was $4.88 which it reached in November 2021. Its price was $0.025 in September 2017, which means that it took MANA 50 months to reach its all-time high value. Meanwhile, it grew by 99.4%.

image 136
Image: GALA’s all-time high graph

In November 2021, the Gala reached its all-time high value of $0.74 in around 14 months. It hiked by 99.8% to reach that value.

Will Sandbox reach $10?

SAND needs to grow by 92% to reach its all-time high value of $7.53. Sandbox went from 0.066 to 7.5 in just 6 months and lowest in the next 6. It is trending downwards for 3 months again. Considering its growth rate of 99% in 15 months, it can reach that value again in the next 13 months. It will need one more month to cross its all-time high and reach $10 if it continues to grow at a similar pace.

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Will Sandbox reach $100?

Looking at its current market price, SAND needs to grow by 99.4% to reach a value of $100. If Sandbox continues to grow at 1.98 folds in 15 months, as it did till 2021, it will reach $100 in less than 16 months.

Will Sandbox reach $1000?

To reach a level of $1000, SAND requires to grow at a rate of 99.9% keeping in mind its current price of $0.57. If it can grow at a rate of 99% in 15 months, then it can certainly grow by 99.9% in nearly 16 months.

The condition here is that it should grow at a rate of 99% in 15 months as it did in past to reach its all-time high value.

Will Sandbox reach $100, $10, or $1000? The Verdict

All the other things, including the growth in the NFT market and its comparison with competitors, are in favor of Sandbox. It means that SAND can certainly reach a value of $10, $100, or even $1000 in the coming future if everything turns out to be in its favor.

The noteworthy point is that in the last 3 months there has been a decline in SAND’s price and there isn’t any constant growth. Hence, it is a long path ahead to recover and then reach $10, $100, or $1000.

~Charu Taneja

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Charu Taneja

Charu Taneja