Will Terra Luna go up? Does $LUNA 2.0 have a future?

Will Terra Luna go up? Does $LUNA 2.0 have a future?

Will Terra Luna go up? Terra Luna 2.0 has crashed 47% over the last few weeks. So the question is will Terra Luna go up? Here is our short analysis

Will Terra Luna go up? 4 Reasons why Terra Luna will go up

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  • In 2016, Ethereum which had just forked from ETC, fell 50% in just 5 months. Eventually, ETH doubled in price within a year. So while a 50% fall of $LUNA 2.0 sounds scary, it has happened before with ETH and ETH is now a respected Blockchain
  • The Price of Luna 2.0 is just $3 making it easy to own and trade. Often, very expensive Cryptos make it difficult to own and trade. Large number of coins held make it easy to trade or invest.
  • Terra is still in its initial days of recovery, eventually the crypto will enhance its capabilities and deliver value to customers and businesses

Will Terra Luna go up? 3 Reasons why Terra Luna will not go up

  • The original reason for the failure of $LUNA was poor planning and execution unlike ETC which was a security breach, something that every big company may have encountered at least once. This does not give investors the confidence that $LUNA will be managed well going forward.
  • Negative news around Terra continues to be reported everyday suggesting that everything is not on board with respect to the cryptocurrency
  • When Terra was originally launched in 2018, the competitive was far lesser and that allowed Terra to be a major player in early 2022. It is unclear how Terra will compete in such a competitive landscape with such a small size and adoption rate. Ethereum for example had a free run for 1-2 years to course correct and gain share.

Overall recommendation: There are many options in the market today with less uncertainty. It does not make sense to have $LUNA beyond say 5% of your Crypto portfolio.

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Will Terra Luna go up? Does $LUNA 2.0 have a future?

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