WSM Coin Price Prediction 2023-2030: Wall Street Memes Retreats for now

Article Coverage: Market Snapshot, Social Media and Crowd Poll Trends, Can WSM Coin pump like Pepe? Is Wall Street Memes Token Legit? Latest WSM Coin News (Updated Daily), Is Wall Street Memes Coin a Good Investment? Wall Street Memes Price Predictions 2023-2030, Can WSM Coin reach $1?

Wall Street Memes Coin Price during the last phase of the Presale was $0.0337. Phase 1 was at $0.0256.

  • The Current Market cap is $111.5M [Declining] and there are 32.0k Holders [Rising, Gradually]
  • Retail Investors hold about 25.9% of the supply [Declining]
  • HTX continued to be the dominant exchange with 72.9% of the Trading Volume [Rising, Risky]

After the massive PUMP on Saturday, WSM Price retreated and is now down more than 25% from its All-Time High on Saturday. WSM made a significant recovery from the bottom on Sunday ($0.049) but has since retreated. Social Media Sentiment is also not favorable at the moment. However, with a large proportion of holders in profit, bullish momentum could return after new listings are announced.

WSM Coin Price Prediction 2023-2030: Wall Street Memes Retreats for now

The other good news is that the pace of Staking has crashed. The last time this happened was a day or two before the last pump. The next move higher could come once we have information on the new exchange listings on October 3rd. Wall Street Memes coin could be listed in any one or more of the following exchanges – Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, Bybit, or even Coinbase. confirmed on its website that it is listing WSM in 2 days. If there is a Binance listing on October 4th, WSM could rise significantly higher.

Wall Street Memes: Social Media and Crowd Poll Trends

Social Media Buzz: Low (Trending Lower)

Net Social Media Sentiment (Wall Street Memes coin)

  • Last 7 days: +93.1%
  • Yesterday: +63.4%
  • Today: +10.3%

Wall Street Memes WSM Coin – Net Buy Rating [New]

  • August 25th: +35.3%
  • September 1st: +41.9%
  • October 1st: +92.0%
  • October 2nd: +90.0% [Bullish]

Can Wall Street Memes Coin pump like Pepe?

There are some basic conditions Wall Street Memes Coin must meet to pump like Pepe Coin

  • Listing in a large number of Exchanges – WSM has been listed on OKX, HTX, LBank, BingX, Woo CoinEx, MEXC and BitMart. WSM (Twitter handle) has further revealed that it will be listed in more exchanges on October 3rd.
  • Name Recognition: Pepe Frog had massive name recognition even before Pepe Coin was listed. This wasn’t the case with Wall Street Meme. However, during the last 7 days, this has changed and WSM is trending higher than Pepe Frog. It needs to be seen if this is sustainable
  • Token Interest just before listing: WSM Coin has more Token Interest than Pepe Coin given the large ICO Size.
  • With overall markets pessimistic, Trading volume for WSM Coin is much lower than it was for Pepe coin during its launch.

The only weak link is the overall market pessimism. Volumes must rise for WSM to match or come close to Pepe’s performance.

Latest Wall Street Memes News

  • WSM is likely to be listed in many more exchanges on October 3rd
  • As per the latest announcement, Wall Street Memes Coin is set to unveil its inaugural product accompanied by an exclusive buyback program in October.
  • WSM Data is now available on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and Dextools.

A wallstreetmemesbsc token has been launched which is not the same as Wallstreetmemes token.

Latest WSM Coin Staking Update

33.5% of the Tokens have been Staked so far.

  • Total WSM Staked: 549,051,862 [+2.5M WSM in 12 Hours]
  • Estimated Yield: APY 36% [Declining]
  • Current Rewards: 75 per block
  • Total Supply: 1,633,333,333 [Supply will rise by 1% in November]

Wall Street Memes is conducting a $50,000 airdrop – WSM is offering a chance for participants to win one of five $10,000 portions of $WSM tokens. To enter, participants must follow a series of steps including following @wallstmemes on Twitter, visiting their website and Instagram, joining their Telegram group and Discord server, and purchasing and providing proof of purchase for $WSM tokens. The airdrop is live now with 60 days left for entry. A total of 135,029 (+0.8k in 24 hours) have entered the event.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction: Is Wall Street Memes Token Legit?

Address as mentioned on the website: Tower Financial Centre, 10th Floor, 50th Street & Corner of Elvira, Panama City, Panama

Wall Street Memes Contract Address: 0xbAe5357Fb7820f1D38DF7a64804cb5318aC5F006.

Here is an analysis of the Solidproof Audit

Summary: No critical, high, medium, or low issues were found. One informational issue related to missing NatSpec documentation was found.

SWC Attacks: The contract passed all checks for various types of SWC (Smart Contract Weakness Classification) attacks.

Ownership Privileges: There is no ownership functionality in the contract.

Audit Comments: The auditors recommend using NatSpec Format for rich documentation of functions, return variables, etc.

KYC: The audit report does not mention any KYC audits for the project.

Tweet by Solidproof: On July 13th, SolidProof learned about on-chain connections involving a larger investor group on Telegram linked to the @wallstmemes project. SolidProof confirms they were approached to audit a yet-to-be-deployed token contract for @wallstmemes but no KYC was done by the Wall Street Memes team. Attempts to communicate directly with the WSM team were declined.

WSM Coin Price Prediction: Is Wall Street Memes a Good Investment?

Wall Street Memes (WSM) emerged after the iconic GameStop saga, where a group of brave individual investors challenged the mighty Wall Street giants. Its mission is to revolutionize finance using a potent tool i.e., memes.

The mission of WSM- Simplified

Empower individual investors by disrupting the conventional financial system. Utilize the influential potential of memes and advocate for decentralization. Aim to return financial control to the populace.

Wall Street Memes has built a significant online presence over the years with over 540,000 followers on Instagram and 281,100 on Twitter.

What is the total supply of WSM tokens?

Wall Street Memes Coin is an ERC-20 Token with a current total supply of 1.6 Billion Tokens. However, it has a maximum supply of 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) tokens.

WSM Tokenomics

50% Marketing: WSM allocates significant funds to marketing campaigns, expanding its social channels, and enlisting top ambassadors.

30% Community Rewards: Through its generous community rewards program, it celebrates community support and loyalty.

10% CEX Liquidity: Allocating 10% of the tokens to centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity ensures smooth token flow.

10% DEX Liquidity: WSM dedicates 10% of the tokens to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity, ensuring easy access to $WSM for the meme-loving community.

The utility of the WSM coin and the actual agenda of Wall Street Memes are currently unclear. Due to this lack of clarity, it is not advisable to consider Wall Street Memes Coin as an Investment. Instead, it offers a trading opportunity that may be regarded as high-risk where one could lose all their investment.

Wall Street Memes Coin is in our list of Top 10 presale cryptos to Buy This does not guarantee a profit, it identifies the stand-out Presale Cryptos.

Wall Street Memes Price Predictions 2023-2030

Wall Street Memes coin will be listed during an unfavorable economic environment and falling liquidity. However, with an estimated 32% of the Tokens staked (WSM Website data), it has well prepared for the first week of Listing.

WSM Coin Price Predictions

  • Crypto Pulse Predicts a 10x Return on this High-Risk/High-Yield Token
  • Crypto Publishing Companies have specified a price target as high as $0.085 this year.

Let us Explore Some Possibilities

  • An Investment of $100 will get you about 3000 WSM tokens. When Pepe Launched, $100 could get 1656 Million Tokens. If WSM Token were to reach the same Market Cap peak as Pepe, that would mean a price of nearly $1
  • Neon ICO was priced at $0.1, It reached a peak of $0.24 before crashing to $0.06. Neon claimed to raise $45 M before listing.
  • Worldcoin listed at about $1.6, reached a high of $3.6 before crashing to $1.4
  • Other recent listings delivered significant returns in the first few hours before crashing to oblivion

While it is impossible to predict the likely performance of a token a few years down the line, some publishers have ventured out with a forecast.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2023: The aggregated Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2023 according to a set of publishers is $0.11

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2025: The aggregated Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2025 according to a set of publishers is $0.18

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2030: The aggregated Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2030 is $0.54.

How high can Wall Street Meme coin go: Can WSM Reach $1?

To reach $1, WSM has to rise 15-20x which translates to a Market cap of about $2.1B. Pepe’s peak market cap was $1.4B. We will have to go further in the past to Shiba Inu to find meme coins that have a higher market cap than $1B. Shiba Inu too was listed during the peak of liquidity excesses of 2021.

Given that Pepe itself never reached $2B and Shiba Inu reached that level in an unusual economic climate, it is fair to say Wall Street Memes will not reach $1 anytime soon given the current pessimistic economic environment. But a Binance listing could take WSM quite high, the question is will it be listed on Binance anytime soon?

Wall Street Memes Token: Roadmap

The team at Wall Street Memes has crafted a clear roadmap consisting of three phases to ensure the long-term success of our movement.

Phase 1: Foundation – During this phase, the team will focus on developing a secure smart contract, building a strong community, and launching a comprehensive branding and marketing campaign. Their aim is to establish transparency, engage with their community through various platforms, and spread the word about Wall Street Memes using professional marketing strategies.

Phase 2: Launch – This phase marks the official launch of the $WSM token. The team will establish strategic partnerships, list the tokens on decentralized and centralized exchanges, and run awareness campaigns to bring Wall Street Memes into the mainstream. Collaborating with meme creators, influencers, and content platforms will be a key aspect of this phase.

Phase 3: Community Empowerment – In this final phase, the team will unlock exclusive benefits for its community members within the WSM gated community. It aims to achieve a market capitalization of $1 billion and secure listings on top-tier centralized exchanges.

Wall Street Meme Coin Price Prediction: Where to buy Wall Street meme coin?

The Top 5 Exchanges by Trading Volume are

  • HTX
  • IKX
  • BingX
  • MEXC
  • Uniswap (DEX)

Wall Street Memes Merchandise Store

Caps: The caps offered by Wall Street Memes encapsulate a theme of “memes and finance.” These are ideal for individuals keen on signaling their alignment with the contemporary meme financial movement.

Mugs: These are apt for both morning refreshments and late-night financial deliberations.

T-shirts: The t-shirts, adorned with thoughtful slogans and designs, are bound to engage attention and facilitate dialogue. They epitomize the spirit of the meme financial movement.

Sweatshirts: As per the website, the sweatshirts from Wall Street Memes are commendable for those seeking both comfort and style. They cater to enthusiasts eager to showcase their allegiance to this modern financial paradigm.

As per the website, the merchandise is not merely a nod to current fashion trends but symbolizes an innovative phase in the world of finance.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) Coin Presale

Wall Street Memes Coin Raised more than $26 million in its Presale. The Wall Street Memes Presale ended on Monday, September 25th.

~Charu Taneja

Note: The information available on pre-sale cryptocurrencies is often limited, and the above analysis is conducted using the available information gathered at the time. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and be mindful of the potential risks involved.

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