Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2023-2030: Can XRP reach $1000?

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XRP Price Chart

XRP Market Analysis

XRP is trading above $0.50 and in the last 7 days XRP has been able to add around 3% to its market cap. However, in the last 24 hours, the trading volume is down nearly 30%. The buying sentiment surrounding XRP has been falling in the last few days.

Latest XRP News

XRP Ledger Surpasses 82 Million Ledgers. As per the latest data approximately 82,035,421 registered ledgers have been registered on XRP Ledger.

Japanese crypto exchange GMO will deposit the Yen equivalent of songbird (SGB) tokens. The Yen deposit will be made to only those traders who held XRP in 2020. For every 1 XRP held as of December 12 2020, a user will receive Yen equivalent of 0.15011 SCB.

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, recently revealed that the company’s legal expenses have skyrocketed to a massive $200 million. This is a significant increase compared to the $100 million reported just a year ago in July 2022. This sharp rise in legal costs highlights the growing tension between the cryptocurrency industry and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In the ongoing XRP lawsuit against the SEC, there’s speculation that a settlement could be in the cards following Ripple’s recent legal win. However, attorney John Deaton, who advocates for XRP, explains that a settlement won’t be straightforward for either side due to specific conditions.

  • Deaton points out that any potential settlement would need to avoid negatively impacting other cryptocurrency-related legal cases, including the ongoing lawsuit involving the U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase. Additionally, negotiations would focus on XRP sales to institutional clients only, as previously ruled by U.S. Judge Analisa Torres, who considered them unregistered securities offerings.

XRP Price Prediction, Crowd Poll, Buy or Sell

Net Buy Rating = Buy% – Sell%

  • July 1st: 41.6%
  • July 13th – Ripple SEC Court Decision
  • August 1st: 61.7%
  • August 31st: 51.1%
  • September 1st: 51.0%
  • September 22nd: +46.3%
  • September 23rd: +45.2%

XRP Technical Analysis

XRP is once again trading above $0.50 but the absence of bulls will most likely play a hurdle in propelling the XRP price higher, in this case above $0.55 or $0.60.

The $0.530 price level serves as the initial resistance level for the asset. Despite numerous attempts, buyers have faced challenges in pushing the XRP price above this level. However, on a positive note, the net XRP price is currently positioned above both its 50-day and 200-day Moving Averages (MAs).

Furthermore, the 50-day MA is experiencing an upward surge in tandem with the XRP price, potentially indicating the possibility of it breaking above the 200-day MA. If this were to occur, it could result in the formation of a Golden Cross pattern on the 4-hour timeframe chart, which is typically considered a bullish signal in technical analysis. This suggests the potential for increased upward momentum in the XRP market.

The 50-day Moving Average (MA) of XRP is $0.494, while the 200-day MA is $0.507. The configuration of these Simple Moving Averages, along with the current XRP price, indicates a positive market trend for the asset. The 50-day MA is the first level of support for the asset while the $0.530 price level is the resistance.

The RSI (Relative Strength Index) for XRP currently stands at 63.4, which is close to the overbought zone. The RSI’s recent surge suggests that buyers have been able to outnumber the sellers, which is considered a bullish indication. However, investors should exercise caution when the RSI approaches or enters the overbought zone (typically above 70), as it could indicate a potential reversal or temporary exhaustion in the buying pressure.

The trade recommendation for the asset is to buy. The MACD line on the MACD chart is above the signal line and the volume histogram bars have increased on the bullish axis.

Overall considering the technical indicators, the overall outlook surrounding XRP is bullish.

XRP Price Prediction 2023: Is XRP a Good Investment?

XRP is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world with a market cap of $41 Billion. It is the native token of the Ripple blockchain which was launched in the year 2012. Ripple is focused on financial services and serves as a payment protocol that fuels financial transactions worldwide. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple is more centralized as it is a more privately-owned network (Unique Node List), unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum which allows the validators to take control of the transactions.

The XRP Ledger on which XRP is used has excellent Use cases and is quite competitive. The company Ripple has also created an architecture that creates a demand for the use of XRP on the XRP Ledger. However, it is not easy to access statistics on the demand for the Token XRP. We don’t mean from the perspective of trading on a cryptocurrency exchange but from the perspective of the requirement for XRP on the XRP Ledger. The greater the demand for XRP on the XRP Ledger, the more likely that the price will rise higher. However, we do have access to blockchain transaction data. This gives us an indication of the demand for XRP

  • The Number of Blockchain transactions has remained in the Median range of 1 Million
  • There have been exceptions when the transactions rose to above 2 million or fell below 1 Million
  • The number of Transactions rose from early September but has been trending lower since November 9th

XRP is also ‘burnt’ during a transaction

XRP has an excellent use case, is quite differentiated, and has an early mover advantage which makes it excellent crypto to invest in at any point in time. XRP Token is probably being mostly used as a reserve XRP can also be used for cross-border transactions but one can carry out such transactions without using XRP directly (Beyond Reserve and Transaction cost)

A few risks

  1. While Ripple has a fantastic use case, it is not mandatory for banks and financial institutions to use XRP to carry out transactions on the Ripple blockchain.

Price Performance

After struggling in the initial few years, the years 2017-2018 turned out to be the best years for XRP and during this time frame, XRP was the second most capitalized cryptocurrency just after Bitcoin. The all-time high price of XRP was 5 years again on January 4, 2018. XRP was valued at $3.84 back. However, after the US SEC accused Ripple the developers of XRP of selling XRP in unregistered securities to investors, the price crashed and there was a mass sell-off.

XRP has gained 75% in the last 5 years. Ethereum has gained 318% while Bitcoin gained 306%.

Here is how XRP has performed over the last few years

  • 2013:$0.028
  • 2014:$0.024
  • 2015:$0.0062
  • 2016:$0.0064
  • 2017:$2.1
  • 2018:$0.371
  • 2019:$0.19
  • 2020:$0.21
  • 2021:$0.85
  • 2022:$0.33

In 9 years since launch, 4 have been positive and 5 negative.

XRP Performance so far

  • Year to Date (2023): +51.0%
  • Last 1 year: +27.1%
  • Since launch (2014): +8612.1%

XRP Price Prediction: Will XRP Go Up?

As per a PWC Report,

  • Global cashless payment volumes are set to increase by more than 80% from 2020 to 2025, from about 1tn transactions to almost 1.9tn, and to almost triple by 2030.
  • Asia-Pacific will grow fastest, with cashless transaction volume growing by 109% until 2025 and then by 76% percent from 2025 to 2030.
  • Africa will see a 78% rise by 2025 and thereafter an increase of 64% from 2025-2030.
  • In Europe, the payment process will rise by 64% by 2025 and 39% after that.
  • Europe and Canada will see less growth. By 2025, cashless payment in Latin America may rise by 52% and thereafter until 2030 by 48%.
  • By 2030, it is expected that payment solutions based on cryptocurrency and digital wallets will emerge. Instant low-cost payment solutions will be the first preference worldwide.
  • Ripple which is positioning itself as the global player providing a seamless payment solution may play a major role in the coming future. Ripple has been partnering with major banks around the world to provide the benefits of its payment solution.

Therefore, the future of Ripple and XRP looks highly motivating considering the way the world is moving towards adopting the faster and seamless payment solution. Investing in XRP may be a good long-term investment option.

How High Can XRP Go?

Predicting the exact upward movement of an asset is highly challenging. However, the convergence of several positive factors has the potential to drive the price of an asset higher. A survey suggests that 97% of global payment leaders expect blockchain and cryptocurrencies to significantly speed up payments in the next three years. Over half of these leaders also predict widespread merchant acceptance of cryptocurrencies within three years. They acknowledge the cost-efficiency of cryptocurrencies, as the global average cost of sending $200 is 6% – a cost they believe can be reduced through cryptocurrency use, particularly stablecoins. Regulatory uncertainty is viewed as the main obstacle to adoption, with 33% considering it their top challenge and 89% seeing it as a deterrent.

In the case of XRP, there are several factors that could contribute to a potential price increase:

  • Increased Adoption of XRP: Ripple, the company behind XRP, is focused on facilitating faster and more efficient international money transfers. If financial institutions widely adopt Ripple’s technology and utilize XRP, it could positively impact the price of XRP.
  • Improved Global Crypto Market Conditions: The performance of the global cryptocurrency market as a whole can influence the price of individual cryptocurrencies. If the overall crypto market continues to grow, it could create a favorable environment for XRP. As more individuals invest in cryptocurrencies, they may consider XRP as a viable investment option.

The Crowdwisdom360 algorithm prediction is detailed below (Updated every 12 hours)

XRP Price Prediction Today, Tomorrow and Week

UTC: Sep 24th, 2023 12:15 PM

  • XRP Price Prediction in the next 24 hours is between $0.507 and $0.513
  • XRP Price Prediction this week is between $0.488 and $0.527

UTC: Sep 24th, 2023 12:50 PM
Overall OutlookNeutral
1. Market's WisdomNeutral
1a. Market DataPartially Bearish
1b. Technical RecommendationBuy
2. Crowd's WisdomNeutral
2a. Social Media BuzzHigher
2b. Social Media SentimentLower

XRP Price Prediction: Can XRP reach 1000?

Will XRP reach 1000? A Simulation

If XRP were to rise at an annual rate of 25%, XRP would reach $1000 by 2057.

XRP could reach 1000 by 2034 if it were to DOUBLE in price every year.

Both scenarios look unrealistic and far-fetched. Therefore, we don’t think it is feasible to predict if XRP can reach 1000. But we do believe that XRP can reach $10 or even $100

XRP will never reach $1000 unless there is an extensive burn program. XRP is unlikely to reach these levels because remittance is an extremely competitive and regulated market and while Ripple offers a competitive service, it is likely to be copied by LARGE competitors fairly quickly once regulations are clear. Further, Ripple could perform well without the XRP token performing equally well. Lastly, If the price of the XRP token keeps rising, remittances on Ripple will become too costly and unsustainable.

XRP Price Prediction 2023-2030, Aggregated

With XRP’s win, it is likely that XRP’s price will exceed $1 this year. XRP Price Prediction 2025 is likely to rise 2.5 times higher from now. Major factors are an improved Macroeconomic environment, Increased usage of the Ripple blockchain, and More B2C Use Cases. Here are aggregated predictions for the next few years.

  • XRP Price Prediction 2023 is $0.967
  • XRP Price Prediction 2024 is $1.44
  • XRP Price Prediction 2025 is $2.24
  • XRP Price Prediction 2026 is $3.03
  • XRP Price Prediction 2027 is $3.64
  • XRP Price Prediction 2028 is $4.82
  • XRP Price Prediction 2029 is $6.82
  • XRP Price Prediction 2030 is $9.59

XRP Prediction: FAQs

How high can XRP go realistically?

If one were to project for the next 5 years, a favorable SEC ruling and a healthy economy, XRP could go as high as $3 or about 4 times the current price.

What Factors Can Influence the Price of XRP

Acceptance of Ripple As a Key Mode of Payment Protocol: Ripple Lab the developers of XRP have been working to be recognized as a key payment protocol that can enhance international money transfers. Many crypto experts are of the opinion that Ripple in the coming future could revolutionize the transaction process worldwide. If so happens, the price of XRP the native of Ripple could skyrocket.

Government Regulations: Government Regulations around the world have been a key factor influencing the price of cryptos. If the regulations are tightened, the price dips and if there is some favorable decision, the price skyrockets. Their Government regulations will be one factor that could influence the price of XRP.

Will banks use XRP?

XRP is one of the established cryptocurrencies in the market. Ripple is already driving the payment systems for many banks now, including Bank of America (BofA), PNC Bank USA, and Santander Bank.

XRP holds a very strong position in the industry and has many use cases too. Ripple’s scalability, low transaction cost, high uptime, high speed, and low power consumption make it an ideal cryptocurrency to use by Banks for various purposes.

XRP can be used to make cross-border payments, liquidity management, etc. So, will banks use XRP? Certainly yes. Few banks already make use of XRP and keeping in mind its use cases, more banks can indeed do the same in the future.

XRP Price Prediction: How to Buy XRP?

Here are a few steps to buy XRP:

Choose a Crypto Exchange

Create your account with the Crypto Exchange

Once you have decided on the exchange, you will have to create an account that will require your personal details along with banking information. In most cases, you’ll deposit money from a bank account, like your personal checking or savings account. You can also generally complete wire transfers, use a debit card or deposit money from PayPal.

Fund Your Wallet

Once you have created your account, the next step will be to fund your wallet.

Buy XRP:

Once you have funded your wallet, you can now use the wallet amount to buy XRP.

Here are the Top 15 Exchanges by XRP Trading Volume (Source: Coinmarketcap)

  1. Binance
  2. Upbit
  3. ZT
  4. Bithumb
  5. SuperEx
  6. OKX
  7. BitForex
  8. KuCoin
  9. Bybit
  10. Bitrue
  11. Coinbase Exchange
  12. DigiFinex
  13. Bitstamp
  14. Pionex
  15. MEXC

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Index or Individual Cryptos. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions. 

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