XRP20 Price Prediction: Will XRP20 Recover?

Latest XRP20 Price

XRP20 Price Chart

Latest XRP20 News and Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Total Supply: 89.85B. Current Marketcap: $1.97M (Declining). Holders: 5.68k (Rising).

  • Social media Activity
    • Social Media Buzz: Low (Trending Lower)
    • Social Media Sentiments
      • Last 7 days: +43.6%
      • Yesterday: +91.7%
      • Today: +8.3%
  • ROI
    • Last 7 days: +2.8%
    • Since Launch: -76.7%

XRP20 – Buy or Sell Poll

  • August 22nd: +33.4% [Listing Day]
  • September 1st: +3.8%
  • November 7th: +33.0%
  • November 24th: +30.3%

Latest XRP20 News

  • XRP20 has introduced a Deflationary Burning mechanism, burning 0.1% of every buy/sell and allocating 10% of $XRP20’s total supply for the burn. Ahead of the official claim day, users are advised to stake their tokens. The ongoing XRP20 token distribution allows claims between $500-$2000.

Steps to claim XRP20:

  • Go to the website.
  • Get your $XRP20 from the wallet you bought it with.
  • Claim when it’s time for the #DEX listing.

XRP20 Price Prediction: Is XRP20 a Good Investment?

What is XRP20?

As per its official Whitepaper, XRP20 was created with community-driven ideals. It aims to bridge the gap and offer a second chance for those interested in exploring the potential of cryptocurrencies. Inspired by the pioneering XRP project, XRP20 aims to democratize access to a token traditionally used by institutional players, creating a more diverse and robust community known as the XRP Army.

XRP20 focuses on ease of use, seamless onboarding, and enhanced security. It is designed to cater to both newcomers and experienced crypto enthusiasts, allowing them to buy, trade, securely hold, or stake their tokens with ease. Built on Ethereum, XRP20 prioritizes security through advanced encryption measures, ensuring the safety of the community’s assets.

XRP20- Tokenomics

XRP20 is adopting tokenomics similar to the original XRP. Users can buy XRP20 at a very low price and stake them to earn passive income. Furthermore, XRP20 has a fixed supply of 100 billion tokens.

  • Token Allocation:
    • Public Presale:
      • 40% (40 billion tokens) are reserved for early supporters during the public presale.
    • Staking:
      • 40% (40 billion tokens) are for staking.
      • Staking these tokens helps stabilize the price and rewards active community members.
    • Burn Allocation:
      • 10% (10 billion tokens) will be permanently removed from the supply to increase scarcity and value.
    • DEX Liquidity:
      • 10% (10 billion tokens) will be set aside for the first DEX liquidity pool.
      • This ensures the smooth trading of XRP20 tokens.

Utility of XRP20 Token

As per its official website, users can buy XRP20 at a low price and earn money just by holding it. Also, a tiny bit of each transaction gets destroyed, and they’re planning to destroy 10% of the total amount too.

So far, XRP 20’s main thing is staking, and they haven’t shown other real-world uses. They need to step up their game to stay in the market. Without more info, it’s tough to say if it’s a good investment right now.

XRP20 Price Prediction: Is XRP20 Legit?

XRP20 recently released its audit report. Here are the details:


  • Token Name: XRP20
  • Code Language: Solidity
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Checked Contract: XRP20Token

Results: All the common issues were checked. Some examples are:

  • Data not being encrypted: Passed
  • Unused variables: Passed
  • Inheritance order mistakes: Passed


  • High severity: None found.
  • Medium severity: None found.
  • Low severity: One issue was found. The XRP20Token contract imports a feature for ownership from another library but doesn’t use it. The team responded that it’s there to change or give up ownership but isn’t used in the token.

XRP20 Price Prediction: Roadmap

  • Phase 1- Presale and Token Distribution:
    • Raise awareness about XRP20 and its mission to offer a second chance to new entrants in the crypto market.
    • Conduct a fair and transparent presale event to attract early supporters and contributors and build a strong community.
  • Phase 2- Pre-Launch Marketing and Awareness:
    • Initiate a marketing strategy during the presale phase to highlight the accessibility and ease of acquiring XRP20.
    • Emphasize its value proposition as a second chance to own the token early and stake it for earning passive income.
  • Phase 3- Launch and Burn Activation:
    • Successfully launch XRP20 on a decentralized exchange (DEX).
    • Implement a token-burning mechanism, making XRP20 deflationary.
    • Send 0.1% of every buy and sell to a burn address, and allocate 20% of the total supply for burning.
  • Phase 4- Post-Launch Community Staking:
    • Introduce on-chain staking for the XRP Army, allowing anyone to stake their tokens and earn passive income.
    • Aim to create an active and thriving community that engages with XRP20, driving its growth.
    • Focus on fostering vested interest and rewarding the community for locking up supply, providing long-term stability to the staking ecosystem.

XRP20: Where to Buy?

To buy XRP20, users need to have ETH, BNB or USDT in their wallet. The following are the steps to purchase XRP20 tokens:

  • Connect the wallet to the site and exchange ETH, BNB or USDT for XRP20 using the buy widget with no buy tax for presale transactions.
  • On the listing day on the decentralized exchange (DEX), presale participants must claim their tokens from the website using the same wallet they used for the purchase. Note that the claiming will happen simultaneously with the DEX listing.

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XRP20 Presale: Reddit Conversations

People are still scratching their heads about how XRP20 and XRP are connected. Here’s the buzz from a recent XRP20 Reddit chat:

  • A user asked about XRP20 and its relationship to the well-known XRP by Ripple, wondering if there’s any conflict.
  • One user mentioned XRP20 might refer to XRP reaching a price of $20.
  • Another user mentioned “Binance-pegged XRP” suggesting that the token might be owned by Binance, not the individual.
  • A few users clarified that XRP2 or XRP 2.0 is different from XRP20, with one mentioning a hooks sidechain by XRP Labs.
  • Some thought XRP20 was a scheme to capitalize on the XRP name and hype.
  • A user mentioned buying XRP20 for fun, noting its quick sales during the presale.
  • Another cautioned against buying late into such tokens, suggesting early buyers benefit the most.
  • One user described XRP20 as a token without a clear purpose, hinting it might be a scam (“rug pull”), and clarified that it has no real connection to the original XRP.

Overall, the conversation indicates a mix of confusion, skepticism, and humor about XRP20 and its relationship to XRP.

Can XRP20 impact XRP?

For those who continue to conflate XRP20 with XRP, let us examine a recent discussion highlighting the impact of XRP20 on the XRP token:

  • One user wrote that It’s a token that doesn’t do much. You hold it to earn some returns, and the goal is to buy it cheaply. It seems like a scam in the making. People only link it to XRP because they don’t know better.
  • Another user believes that XRP20 appears to be a quick profit scheme and emphasizes that it’s unrelated to XRP, suggesting the name is just for hype.
  • Some even have the possibility of a quick rise and fall but think it might be worth the risk if you’re willing to lose some money.

Overall, it’s clear that XRP20 has no connection to XRP and won’t affect the current XRP token.

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~Charu Taneja

Note: The information available on pre-sale cryptocurrencies is often limited, and the above analysis is conducted using the available information gathered at the time. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and be mindful of the potential risks involved.

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