Live Election 2019 Prediction Game Winner – Roopa

Live Election 2019 Prediction Game Winner – Roopa
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Introducing Roopa, the winner of our Live Prediction Game. Her Portfolio was as follows

  • BJP > 300 Seats
  • NDA > 350 Seats
  • Kakinada LS: YSRCP
  • YSRCP will win >110 Seats
  • TN: DMK+ >31 seats
  • Kar: BJP, 21 to 25 Seats
  • Raj: BJP > 15 Seats
  • Maha: NDA > 35 seats
  • UP: NDA will > 50 seats
  • Delhi: BJP =7 Seats

In her own words,

I came to know about ur game from my hubby. He is an investor, Presently I am taking care of his portfolio. 
He said many things about your game. It looked very interesting  & wanted to try my luck & talent  in prediction.I have been in Bangalore  for many years.  Recently Karnataka voted for BJP ,But didn’t get the Clear majority. Cong & JDS took the advantage it. But People mandate it against them. So I thought BJP would sweep Karnataka. 
My Neighbouring states are Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh & I travelled there frequently. People are fed up with their Govt. So the prediction was an easy game.
Market spends a lot for research.They have all kind of reports with them. FIIs & operators are Real game predictors of all outcome & they never gone wrong. Stock Market trend Always Predicts future & FIIs trend tells you the story of the outcome before the event begin. Since Jan 2019 Market went up almost 1500 points(nifty).  FIIs trend &  Recently the money invested in stock market, It tells you their confidence about Modi govt returning. So i decided to predict in favour of  BJP/NDA aggressively. Since 2013 i predicted almost all state election with 100% accuracy, But I didn’t have the option to play the game. This is the first time i tried my luck in web game prediction. Happy that i won it.

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