Rafale in India : Five Rafale Jets to land in India This Month

Rafale in India : The mighty twin-jet fighter aircraft, Rafale, is set to come to India this month. The Rafale is known for its versatility, as it can operate from both an aircraft carrier, and a shore base. The Rafale is stupendously in demand as the aircraft can complete all aviation missions. The twin-jet fighter aircraft first was launched into service by the French Navy, in 2004, and then later by the French Air force in 2006. The Rafale is way ahead of its time, as the kind of features it offers, can sustain it even in the toughest of environments.

Rafale in India : Five Rafale Jets to land in India This Month

Why Rafale Jets are best for Indian Air Force?

Five Rafale fighter jets will come to India by 29th of July. India has purchased 36 Rafale Jets, for 7.87 Billion euros. It has been told that no media coverage will be given upon the arrival of the jets at the Air Force Station at Ambala. In the final induction ceremony in August, the jets will be given full media coverage.

Rafale is classified as 4.5 Generation fighter jet. Fighter jets like Mirage 2000, SU-30MKI that India already has is classified as either 3rd or 4th generation jets. Therefore, Rafale in India will be a game changer in terms of Indian Air Force and India’s National Security

The air crew has been thoroughly trained to learn the performative logistics of the aircraft, and have undergone intensive training for the same. They plan on earliest possible operationalization of the aircraft.

Rafale in India

A few days ago, defense minister Rajnath Singh visited Ladakh amid the standoff at the LAC between India and China. This gave a message of India’s active efforts against any kind of dirty tricks by the Chinese PLA. The troops put up a terrific performance which demonstrated their para-dropping skill. 

During a time where the tensions at the border are increasing between India and China, it is imperative for a revised plan of action regarding national security and warfare. India shares it borders with many countries including Pakistan, Nepal and China, all three which are a security threat to India

The fighter jet Rafale is a great addition to ensure the national security and will most likely be deployed in Ladakh, considering the border rows which have been so recurrent these past few months. India has been leaving no stone unturned in showing that the country is well equipped and prepared for what may come.

India will only be the fourth country, after France, Egypt and Qatar, to fly the Rafale. The IAF has already completed preparations, including readying required infrastructure and training of pilots, to welcome Rafale in India.

Rafale in India : Five Rafale Jets to land in India This Month

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