How to stake Mina Token?

Mina Token is available for staking on the Kraken and Uphold exchanges. Annual rewards on Kraken are estimated to be 10-20% and 13% on Uphold.

Available exchanges and countries

  • Mina Token is available in Kraken and Uphold exchanges for staking.
  • Countries available staking are US, Canada, European Union member nations (varies by country), UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Israel, UAE, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa.

Estimated annual rewards (%) for MINA

  • Kraken – 10 – 20% Flexible
  • Uphold – 13% APY

Where can I stake my MINA Token?


  • Create account and complete KYC (ID PROOF)
  • Deposit crypto
  • Navigate to the staking section (Find in EARN section)
  • Choose the crypto and staking option
  • Confirm and start staking

Stake MINA on Kraken


  • Create and verify your account (ID PROOF)
  • Fund your account
  • Choose the supported crypto for staking
  • Navigate to the staking page (Find in PRODUCT & SERVICES Section)
  • Select the staking option and confirm
  • Monitor your staked cryptocurrency.

Stake MINA on Uphold

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