Where can I stake my Tron?

Staking is the use of securing a particular quantity of bitcoin or other digital assets in order to participate in the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and collect rewards in exchange for helping to protect the network.

Available Exchanges & Countries

Platforms available for TRON staking are CEX.IO, Kraken, Uphold, KuCoin and Coinspot.

Countries available staking are US, Canada, European Union member nations (varies by country), UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Israel, UAE, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa.

Estimated Annual Rewards (%) for TRON

  • CEX.IO – 3%
  • Kraken – 2 – 5% Flexible
  • Uphold – 2.5%
  • KuCoin – 5.12%
  • Coinspot – 4.12%

Where can I stake my Tron


  • Create an account in CEX.IO
  • Complete KYC process (ID proof)
  • Deposit crypto into your CEX.IO Wallet
  • Navigate to the staking section (Find in EARN tab)
  • Choose the cryptocurrency and staking option
  • Confirm and start staking
  • Monitor your rewards

Stake TRON on CEX.IO


  • Create account and complete KYC (ID PROOF)
  • Deposit crypto
  • Navigate to the staking section (Find in EARN section)
  • Choose the crypto and staking option
  • Confirm and start staking.

Stake Tron on Kraken


  • Create and verify your account (ID PROOF)
  • Fund your account
  • Choose the supported crypto for staking
  • Navigate to the staking page (Find in PRODUCT & SERVICES Section)
  • Select the staking option and confirm
  • Monitor your staked cryptocurrency.

Stake Tron on Uphold


  • Create and verify your account (ID PROOF)
  • Fund your kucoin account
  • Navigate and choose the crypto to stake (Find in EARN tab)
  • Choose and confirm the staking option
  • Monitor staking rewards

Stake Tron on KuCoin


  • Create your account and verify that (ID PROOF)
  • Deposit the supported crypto currency for staking
  • Navigate the staking process
  • Choose and confirm the staking process
  • Monitor and manage your staking

Stake Tron on Coinspot

What is the best wallet to stake Tron crypto?

Tron Wallet, Ledger live, Atomic Wallet, Exodus Wallet and Trust Wallet are few best wallets for staking Tron.

Is staking Tron worth it?

The value of staking TRON (TRX) is determined by individual circumstances and investing objectives. Earning staking rewards through TRX staking might generate a passive revenue source. The quantity of TRX staked, the length of time staked, and the performance of the chosen validator are all factors that can influence the potential benefits obtained by staking.

Is staking Tron safe?

Staking TRON (TRX) can be risk-free if you take the proper steps and choose a reliable validator. TRON has a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus process, allowing users to stake their TRX tokens and delegate voting power to validators who validate transactions and generate new blocks. Validators are incentivized to behave in the best interests of the network, and validators who fail to satisfy their commitments can be removed or replaced by the community.

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