Economic Crisis: 8 things you can do to support the most Vulnerable

By R. Balakrishnan@BalakrishnanR Accounts. Finance. Investing. There is lots more to Life. Live Rich. Die Poor.

These are hard times for all. The most vulnerable are those whose livelihoods are impacted. Shop assistants, Cabbies, daily wage earners on the poor and the vulnerable sections. We do not have time. The plan should be to:

1. Identify local people in need of help. Could be your neighborhood shop keeper, the Uber driver you know or the maid’s husband who has lost his daily wages

2. Support them with cash for daily essentials- food , medicine, milk, etc. If possible, buy the stuff and give it to them rather than give them cash. But do not forget to give them some cash also

3. Speak with your neighborhood grocery stores and have an arrangement for essential things like Rice/Dal etc for supply to the needy

4. Medicines (basic medicines) can be provided- OTC ones like Crocin/Pain Balm etc

5. There are charitable organisations that run medical camps through mobile vans. Think about how folks can be helped. Volunteering is always possible

6.Spread knowledge- Not panic. And offer to help.

7. Wherever monetary help is provided, be liberal. Time is of essence.

8. The residential societies can coordinate these activities. Some volunteering will be needed.

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