Huge: Amazon announces 50000 new Temp Jobs!!

CMIE has said that 27 million youth in the 20-30 age band have lost their jobs. Overall 120 million have lost their job in the last 2 months. But finally here is some good news

Amazon has announced 50,000 temporary jobs. These jobs will be for fulfilment of their delivery networks, part-time jobs and so on.

The temporary associates will be working along with the existing supply chain. These jobs comes as a major boost for the ones who have lost their jobs due to lockdown imposed to control the spread of Coronavirus. Amazon Senior Manager and country manager Amit Agarwal tweeted, “We’re opening close to 50,000 seasonal roles across our operations network to meet the surge in demand and to provide critical service in this difficult time. We’re committed to creating as many job opportunities while providing a safe working environment.”

Nearly 2 months since the lockdown was imposed, consumers have again started to shop online. The pandemic is sure to change the way of life and the way we used to shop. It is expected that people may prefer more online shopping than physically visiting the stores. Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India.

Since the lockdown, the e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart were given permission to only deliver essential goods that too only in areas which was free from containment. However, in Lockdown 4.0  where the state governments were allowed to come up with plans and provisions, the e-Commerce platforms have been allowed to operate like it used  operate in pre-lockdown period.

Due to lockdown many companies have been struggling to  survive. Many have resorted to layoffs, the announcement of Amazon have surely brought a ray of hope for the ones who have lost their jobs. Gradually all the services are opening up though the vaccine for virus in completely out of sight at the moment. However, maintaining some important precautions, life will gradually return to normality.