Just 35% Professionals Fully Satisfied with AtmaNirbhar Package

Our survey on Social Media covering a total sample of 275 working professionals (error of about 8%) found the following

  • Just 35% believe that the package presented by the Government over the last 5 days is the best that the Government could do.
  • About 41% believe that the Government could do a lot better indicating great frustration with the package

This data is supported by Google Search Trends of the FM’s speeches.

Lastly, the stock market has largely ignored the FM’s announcements with the Market down 2% so far over the last one week.

It is clear that middle class anxieties over the economy have been going up since December 2019 when GDP growth rates started to go below 5%. With COVID-19, we are heading towards a recession. Middle Class expectations on Tax Cuts, Salary Support (like in western countries) have gone unheeded causing great frustration. It needs to be seen if the Govt comes up with an additional package to assuage Middle Class Indians