Patanjali’s Blockbuster Coronil

Patanjali has been steadily trending upwards ever since lockdown was announced. On 24th March, the top 4 Ayurveda Brands had the following Indices on Google

Patanjali – 23, Himalaya – 11, Dabur – 8 and Baidyanath – 3

On June 20th, almost 3 months later, the Indices were as follows

Patanjali – 53, Himalaya – 20, Dabur – 13, Baidyanath – 4

So while all the Ayurveda brands have gained significantly during the Lockdown period, Patanjali gained the most. But it did not end there. Today they announced the launch of Coronil which is claimed as a cure to Corona.

Search for Patanjali have increased by 13 times today!!!

Which States are people searching for Patanjali today?

  1. Delhi, the most affected state when it comes to Corona
  2. Uttarakhand – Baba Ramdev’s Base of Operations
  3. Haryana – Another highly infected State
  4. Maharashtra – Another highly infected State

Whatever the ministry says, Coronil is going to be flying off the stores from tomorrow. India’s first native blockbuster medicine!!

Coronil is likely to be a blockbuster for Patanjali

About Coronil

Coronil was launched an anti-COVID-19 drug called Divya Coronil. Researched at NIMS University, Jaipur the anti-coronavirus drug claims to cure COVID-19 within 14 days. A clinical test was carried out and it was found that within 3 to 15 days all the coronavirus positive patients turned into negative. This comes as major breakthrough at a time when the cases in India have been rising exponentially. The drug consists of Giloy, Tulsi and Ashwagandha and is prescribed to be taken three times a day.

Ministry of Ayush’s Note on Coronil: Donot Publicise such claims unless they have satisfied the Ministry and related departments

Ministry of Ayush's note on Patanjali's Coronil

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