Shocking reason why MNREGA is a farce!

The Government recently announced that it will spend 101000 crores on MNREGA. MNREGA is targeted at the rural poor all over the country.

Let us look at the Top 5 States with the most poor in the country (2011 Census+RBI Poverty Ranking of 2013)

  1. Uttar Pradesh: 59 million
  2. Bihar: 35 million
  3. Madhya Pradesh: 23 million
  4. Maharashtra: 19 million
  5. Bengal: 18 million

Now, let us look at Top 5 States with most NREGA workers in 2019-20

  1. Rajasthan: 8 million
  2. Bengal: 8 million
  3. Andhra: 6 million
  4. TN: 6 million
  5. UP: 6 million


  1. UP which has the most poor is ranked 5th on NREGA. About 10% of UP’s poor are covered by NREGA.
  2. Bihar is not in the Top 5 at all. About 11% of Bihar’s poor are covered by NREGA.
  3. In case of Rajasthan 74% of its poor are covered by NREGA
  4. In case of Bengal it is at 44%

In the meanwhile Bihar and UP make up for 21 million migrants across the country (40% of all migrants).

Something is really wrong!