Bad News for India: Trump Suspends H-1B and L-1 Visas

President Trump today signed an executive order suspend various work visa programmes including the H-1B visa program. The new restrictions will go into effect Wednesday, June 24 and will remain in place through the end of the year. The main aim is of these new restrictions is more jobs to be created locally and strengthen the President’s position in the November election

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Who is impacted by the Trump visa suspension?

  • H-4 visas for H-1B spouses
  • Non-agriculture worker H-2B visas
  • Short-term workers on J-1 exchange visas
  • L visas, which allow companies to transfer employees working overseas to U.S. offices.
  • Those involved in the food supply chain, college and university professors and those coming in to work on COVID-19 care or research are exempted from the suspension

How is India Impacted?

  • 70% of nearly 90000 H-1B visas are issued to Indians
  • With Increased restrictions starting earlier this year TCS hired 2.5 times more Americans than previous year
  • Wipro too claims to have hired more Americans than Indians last year in atleast one year

In Sum, hiring in India which has already slowed down will be further impacted by these new restrictions.

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