Whatsapp forwards Increase Mumbaikars Anxiety about Cyclone Nisarga

A Whatsapp forward detailing how one must prepare for Cyclone Nisarga has increased the anxiety levels of Mumbaikars. We are reproducing only part of the text

Some tips…

All in Mumbai… just saw that Nisarga is a severe cyclonic storm …. Hence a few tips from one of an experienced person …. Just incase ….
1) Keep all your power banks , laptops and mobile fully charged.
2). Store drinking water and some fresh water within ur apartments so that u can go for a few hours.

There were 8 points in total. After receiving this forward many Mumbaikars started whatsapping each other and adding another worry to the COVID hit city. In the meanwhile, the popular twitter handle IndiaWeatherMan has updated the status of the Cyclone

A Category 1 Cyclone has wind speeds of about 60 km/ hr. Category 2 Cyclone has wind speeds of 100 km/ hr. Two weeks ago, Kolkata was hit by 130km/h (Amphan) winds causing extensive damage in the City. 5 years ago Vizag was hit with windspeeds of 185 kms/hr (Hudhud) also causing extensive damage. Should it remain a Category 1 Cyclone as predicted, Mumbaikars will be safe staying inside their homes which is anyway the default status these days.

Instead of random whatsapp forwards, follow the status of the Cyclone through official handles of the Government or trustworthy handles like IndiaWeatherMan. Here are some dos and donts from BMC