World After Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Nitesh Singh
Twitter ID: @nitssingh77

World after Coronavirus (COVID-19) may be a completely changed one. An invisible virus, Coronavirus, have restricted the lives of every single person around the world since couple of months. There has been number of events that has changed the world but in case of Coronavirus, we are almost clueless about the future of the world. To be precise, the future of any country will depend on the plan of actions that will be initiated by their respective governments and the current response of society against Coronavirus.

On March 11, 2020 World Health Organisation characterized Coronavirus (COVID-19) as Pandemic. Till date 180 countries around the world have had the Coronavirus cases. The numbers seem to rise with every passing day. World economy has been shut with no sign of when the economic activity will resume. The globalized world has been restricted within its country’s boundary; the International Monetary Fund has already declared that the world had officially entered a global recession. Around 11 years ago that is in 2008, world entered into Great Recession however, at that point of time world leaders came together to get the world out of it but in 2020 the world is entering recession at the time when the international relations are almost badly compromised. Recovery will be only possible by the coordinated action of the world.

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What May Happen After COVID-19 Crisis?

Coronavirus may completely impact our social life. As we know the virus is spread mostly due to more person-person mixing, thus the human behaviour once the Pandemic ends may undergo a drastic change. There may be reduction in person-to-person mixing all around the world. Face masks, sanitizers may become essential part of our day to day life.

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Increase in Joblessness

Business exists to make profit. To make profit they need to produce and then sell. However, in last few months businesses around the world have made no profit as they are not able to produce. Every business may be eyeing to get back to track once the Pandemic ends. However, if in case they are unable to do it within few months then the businesses may be forced to lay off their employees. Therefore, first few months once the lockdown around the world ends will be crucial from the business point of view. As the world is already in global recession any miscalculated step by any of the big economies of the world may lead to increase in joblessness around the world.

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Shared Health Programmes

The aftermath of COVID-19 may bring an “International Cheer”. It is clear evidence that a country alone cannot fight this Pandemic. There need to be co-operation between every country around the world to deal with this crisis. We may therefore see an emergence of mutual medical schemes around the world. Collective action in dealing with any future epidemic may be given priority. The international supply chain may be put on wartime footing to ensure that the supply of essential medical equipment’s never falls short in future if need arises.

Since many years, the climate all around the world has been impacted due to large scale carbon emission. Every year there has been increase in world carbon emission level and 2020 was believed to be one of the worst years in terms of climatic impact. However, thanks to Coronavirus, there has been large scale decrease in carbon emission which no one has ever imagined. However, it must be noted that after the Great Recession of 2008 the global carbon did rise just to ensure that world economies were bought back to track. This time world is hopeful that the major economies of the world may put the Climate at the centre of their economy. Instead of resorting to large scale damaging of climate, world may come up with plans to keep the climate safe so that it may avoid any of such Pandemics in future.

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What is clear is that COVID-19 has ensured a creation of fear as well as hope within every citizen of the world. There is a fear of economic collapse, there is fear of rise in unemployment however, there is a hope of Saving Planet Earth for future generation. World is hopeful of rise in future mutual cooperation’s between the countries, the world is hopeful that an understanding will prevail among humans that we do not own this planet, instead we share it with every other creation on this planet. On humanitarian ground COVID-19 has created a global suffering but in terms of Earth we can say that Earth is Healing. World After Coronavirus (COVID-19) may be happier or may turn out to be depressive one. Both the conditions are true and will mostly depend upon how the government as well as common citizens around the world responds when Coronavirus finally leaves this earth. Thus, World after Coronavirus (COVID-19) is hopeful as well fearful.

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