BJP Supporters Pessimistic compared to a month ago

BJP Supporters Pessimistic compared to a month ago
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With so much conflicting data coming in, BJP supporters appear to be more pessimistic than a month ago. However, they continue to expect a majority for BJP on its own

Opposition supporters on the other hand have downgraded BJP to nearly 200 down from 210 a month ago.

BJP Prediction for 2019, Supporters versus rest

When one looks at the variation from Opinion Polls (April), BJP supporters are off by 30+ seats (14%), Opposition supporters are off by 40 Seats (17%) of course in opposition directions

Using past error data (which may not necessarily be reliable given huge variances, more like good to know) which was about 8% for the ruling party, the current BJP prediction is at 224 Seats

It needs to be seen whose numbers will hold out on 23rd May.

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