Congress to win Punjab ?

Congress to win Punjab ?
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The month-long election for the 17th Lok Sabha is nearing its end and we are just one phase away from its completion.  In the last phase, the 13 Lok Sabha seats of Punjab will be going into polls. In 2017, assembly election, Congress under Capt Amrinder Singh bounced back in to the state politics. The SAD-BJP alliance, which ruled the state for a decade was reduced to distant third in the state. Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party occupied the seat of main opposition party in the state. Two and half years since the assembly election, Punjab will once again enter the political battle field, the 13 Lok Sabha seats that will go into polls on 19th May will decide the direction of wind in the state.

How 2014 Modi Wave Failed in Punjab?

In 2014, Lok Sabha election, BJP riding on the Modi wave swept entire north India however in Punjab the party could manage only two Lok Sabha seats and with its alliance partner the party won total six seats. On other hand Congress won three seats and the new entry in Punjab politics, AAP surprised all by winning four Lok Sabha seats. It must be noted that BJP lost Gurdaspur seat to Congress in bye-elections. The seat fell vacant after the death of sitting MP from Gurdaspur, Vinod Khanna in 2017.

Amrinder Singh’s Captain Knock in Assembly Election

The 2017 assembly elections, Congress and AAP were fighting against the incumbent SAD-BJP government. The entire campaign of the election was based upon corruption and drug abuse in the state. Congress and AAP blamed the state government for the corruption and blamed them for taking no steps against the drug abuse that was prevalent in the state. Even the people of Punjab felt the same and the result of the election was evidence of it. The SAD-BJP alliance was reduced to mere 15 seats and Congress under the leadership of Capt. Amrinder Singh registered a thumping victory by winning by 77 of 117 assembly seats while Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP could win 20 assembly seats.

Initiatives Taken by Capt. Amrinder Singh Government

Congress under the leadership of Capt. Amrinder Singh came to power as a symbol of hope for the people of Punjab. Several welfare schemes for the people of Punjab were included in the Congress manifesto. Let us analyse the status report of those schemes:

  • Within the first 11 days of Congress government in Punjab, a mega “Job Fair” was organized, 27000 appointment letters including 3000 for government post was given to the unemployed youths.
  • First installment of dept for the loan waiver scheme for farmers was made with first year of the Amrinder Government.
  • With respect to war against drugs, government has constituted a Special Task Force that focuses on curbing of drug trade and rehabilitation of the addicts.
  • For regularization of unauthorized colonies, a sub-committee of cabinet has been set up.

After taking up charge as a Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt. Amrinder Singh has put on his effort to fulfill  the poll promises that his party had made. How much he has been successful will be decided when the people of Punjab will exercise their power of vote. In the meantime we will try to analyse the various opinion polls with respect to Punjab Lok Sabha election.

First, we will analyse some of the predictions from twitter. These tweets have been retweeted and liked most. However, we do not endorse these predictions.

After analyzing these predictions, it is clear that in Punjab, Capt. Amrinder Singh is again ready to play his Captain’s knock while for BJP-SAD alliance may be struggling to regain the seats that it had won in 2014 Lok Sabha election.


On CrowdWisdom360’s prediction platform, 41.9% of the respondents are of the opinion that Congress may win 9 or more seats in the Lok Sabha election

The number clearly reflects that even in 2019, BJP may not be able to make its presence felt in Punjab while on other hand, SAD may lose the ground that it had gained in last couple of decades.


Election is Punjab will be one of the most debated topics after 23rd May. The AAP which had gained a lot in the state after the Delhi assembly victory is losing ground. BJP-SAD alliance will have a lot at stake while Congress under Capt. Amrinder Singh may be able to prove his might in Punjab as well the party itself. On 23rd May, the result will decide the future of many political parties and leaders. In Punjab, who so ever gains maximum seats may go on to rule the state in future.

Nitesh Singh

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