How to Play on CrowdWisdom360?

How to Play on CrowdWisdom360?

1. Register with Google/ Facebook. We give you 50 coins free to play Games

2. If you need more Coins, play our quizzes (No competition). If you need even more, you can purchase them

3. If you want to predict, register for the game and start clicking YES or NO depending on what you wish to predict.

4. You can change your mind depending on the time limits prescribed in the game

5. The value of a prediction keeps increasing if more and more people believe that the event will come True. Correct prediction = 50 Points, Wrong prediction = -50 points

6. Track your total points on the Leaderboard, you can also see your rank. Higher the rank, better the predictor you are and higher the reward

7. Check the notifications bell on the top for latest predictions, latest games and when your prediction has come correct

8. We either give away Vouchers for winners or you can collect a lot of coins and redeem for attractive prizes.