Five Charts that should worry the Opposition

Five Charts that should worry the Opposition

Using all of CrowdWisdom360 assets in collaboration with Aeon, we have compiled 5 charts that should worry the Opposition


1. Opposition alliance in UP is beginning to trend downwards: Google Trends


2. As a consequence, seat losses in the Hindi Belt have reduced (By about 10 Seats)

3. Our Urban focussed daily opinion polls clearly shows BJP is trending upwards, mostly at the cost of non-congress opposition. As the budget is more friendly to poorer States and Voters, it has impacted the non-congress parties more. Congress party’s strength lies in the more affluent States



4. As a consequence, seat losses in urban areas has come down significantly for the NDA (Atleast 15 seats since reservation announcement have been clawed back)



5. However, BJP vs Congress continues to trend in favour of BJP post reservations, the lead increased after budget but the Congress ship has steadied as non-Congress opposition has suffered much more (Google Trends)


The Month of January and early February has been very good for the BJP.  Initially, the BJP hurt the Congress party but in February it seems to be the non-Congress opposition that seems to have been impacted more. The Opposition must consider all their choices carefully as they attempt to regain momentum. One thing in their favour is that the Modi Government suffers from below 60% satisfaction levels. While it is still above 50% it is kind of an average performance. This gives the opposition lots of opportunities to attack the ruling party. Whether they do, time will tell.

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