Hits and Misses of the Narendra Modi Government

Hits and Misses of the Narendra Modi Government
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With elections in less than 100 days, time to do a quick checklist of successes and failures of the Narendra Modi Government

Main Successes

Inflation – National

Financial Inclusion -Rural Poor

Sanitation -National 

Rural Infrastructure – Rural Poor

Access to energy (LPG and Electricity) – Rural

Improvement in Government Finances (Through GST and Demonetisation) – National

Defence – China specifically, OROP– National

Foreign Affairs – MaldivesBangladeshSri Lanka – National

Reservations – Upper Caste

SC/ST law – SC/ST

Healthcare – National (but just launched insurance scheme and some gains from managing the cost of medical equipment)

Highway Infrastructure – National

Reduced Corruption – National

I may be missing some more but the list, please post in comments section with source link, will include in this article

Main Failures


Wealth growth – National

Income Growth Farmers – National

Education – National

Exports – National

Performance of Public Sector Companies – National

Healthcare – Costs continue to grow at 2013 level – National

Foreign Affairs – PakistanNepal, China – National

Higher Taxation – National

Please add your own list in the comments section with source link and I shall include it in this article.

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