Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati and his Life After Tiktok Ban

Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati and his Life After Tiktok Ban
Carryminati and Tiktok
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Ajey Nagar, popularly known as Carryminati, rose to fame by becoming a YouTube sensation in India. The 21-year-old YouTuber has a following of more than 22.3 million on YouTube, and over 1.5 billion views. Such fame also comes with a handful of controversies and scandals. Ajey Nagar is no stranger to such incidents that are the perfect blends of controversy, gossip and a bit of spice.  

However, the biggest controversy of them all remains Carryminati’s feud with famous Tik Tok personality Amir Siddiqui. The video got so popular that the number of views increased to 70 million within a matter of hours. The video was so controversial that YouTube had to remove it on the basis of how it violated the community guidelines. Soon, fans filed a petition to restore the video.

Carryminati was distressed as his video had a record-breaking amount of likes and views. The deletion of the video robbed him of the opportunity of creating history in YouTube.The YouTuber expressed his lament through an Instagram post, in which he mentioned that the video will never be restored, and will remain banned.

How Carryminati responded to his Post deletion by Youtube?

Carryminati however showed his tenacity and resilience to the world by not remaining silent on the matter, and released a rap song called Yalgaar on YouTube, in which he expressed his feelings regarding the video deletion situation.

The Carry Army, which is Carryminati’s huge fan base, just wants to listen to their favorite Youtuber get on screen and say, Toh kaise hain Aap log? His famous one liner which fans associate with him, or while mimicking him. This huge Carry army is ever expanding and so is Ajey Nagar’s budding popularity amongst the Indian population.

The big controversies and retaliations have only proved to be in Carryminati’s favor, as they are helping him gain more fame and support from his fans, than he ever has.

Carry’s Life After Tiktok Ban

The interesting thing is that right after Carryminati’s feud with Tik Tok, the app got banned in India, which further led to his soaring popularity, as fans started tweeting endlessly as to how Carryminati was right all along and how he won this battle. While there were people who lauded Carryminati for calling out Tik Tokers and their content, but there were many who united against Carry on the basis of his offensive behavior and how it promoted cyber bullying and harassment. Throughout May and June, the two fan bases clashed and retaliated. Many raised their voices against homophobia, cyber bullying and harassment, which people like Ajey Nagar promote, and how his huge fan base gets influenced by it, resulting in the corruption of the whole society. If people like and appreciate content which lauds homophobia and bullying, they encourage and practice it further.

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Carryminati’s rise to Fame

This clash between fans and protestors against Carry went on for weeks on the internet.The YouTuber has been posting videos since 2014, but his roasts and disses gained him popularity, and helped him gain a solid fan base. His ability to take a dig at everything and everyone is what impressed his fans, leading towards the formation of the huge Carry Army.

And that is not all, Ajey Nagar, aka Carryminati in 2019 was mentioned in the Times Now magazine in their Next Generation Leaders list, which only comprises of ten people from all over the world. The article quotes, “India is home to a massive YouTube craze. With about 265 million monthly users, India overtook the US in 2018 to become the country with the biggest YouTube audience in the world. And with his energetic presentation style and Hindi lyrics, Nagar is now one of the most followed YouTubers in India.”.  

His fame and accolades are laudable, but his disses and roasts have also been heavily criticized, but they have not been able to reduce his fan base, but all of these controversies have only gained him support and more fans.

The YouTube star stared creating these roasts from a young age. But what is concerning is the fact that a huge audience of crores views and appreciates such mean commentary and roasts, and further defend them. In a world predominantly controlled by tech, we move a step behind each time we try to defend people who promote cyber bullying and sell it under the banner of humor.

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