An Elderly Person Sneezes On Actor and Comedian Vir Das

An Elderly Person Sneezes On Actor and Comedian Vir Das
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Vir Das’s recent encounter with his neighbor is proof that even celebrities are not immune to the wrath of angry uncles in the neighborhood.

Vir Das recently uploaded a video on Twitter, where an elderly man can be seen harassing the famous actor and comedian. The man went as far as threatening him with police. Vir Das also posted a statement, in which he gave a detailed account of the event, and what transpired.

He mentions in his statement that his elderly neighbor sneezed on him, threatened to assault him, and asked his dead parents haunt the actor. Vir Das claims that his neighbor has been keeping up with the same attitude towards him and his family for eight months now.

Das also mentioned that he and his family have tried everything within their power to get their neighbor to back off from this kind of derogatory behavior. From legal notices, to recorded incidents, polite conversations and even ignoring it, but nothing seems to have worked in getting their neighbor to stop behaving this way. Vir Das ultimately gave up any hope he had to make his neighbor understand his misconduct and misdemeanor, and finally posted a recorded incident of him and his neighbor arguing.

Das’s twitter followers soon starting commenting in his favor and called out the man in the video for his misconduct and inappropriate language. Das’s intention of posting this video was to avoid any negative publicity that might come his way if the man in the video reaches tabloids and spreads false rumors, which has happened many times in the past. He apologized to his followers on twitter for uploading the dramatic series of tweets, and mentioned we indeed have bigger problems amidst us with the global pandemic.

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