Another Bollywood death due to Lockdown Anxiety?

Another Bollywood death due to Lockdown Anxiety?
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It appears that there is no end to Bollywood deaths. A Bollywood talent manager Disha Salian fell from from the 12th floor of a building in Malad, Mumbai. She was apparently with her friends at that moment. News reports suggest that she was tipsy and fell from the 12th floor around 1 am. Her parents did say that she was anxious about her future but Police had no evidence to that suggest at the moment that it was a suicide. They are investigating.

She has been apparently involved in the management of Bollywood star Sushant Rajput sometime in the past. The actor announced on Instagram that he was devastated by the loss of Disha Salian. Many other celebrities expressed their condolences.

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Anxiety levels are up in India (Pic is unrelated to Disha)

There have been multiple Bollywood deaths including suicides since March. Whether this is due to media reporting more such deaths or not but the fact is across the country, search for anxiety and depression on Google has reached 3 year high. This is because people are frustrated with the situation outside, their finances and their relationships. While Unlock-1 has been rolled out, the rapid rise in cases across all Metros is scaring people to come out and get on with their lives with all the restrictions.

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