Bigg Boss Contestant Shenaz Gill’s Father booked in Rape Case

Bigg Boss Contestant Shenaz Gill’s Father booked in Rape Case
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Bigg Boss contestant Shenaaz Gill’s father has been booked on rape charge. However, Santokh Singh Sukh, Sehnaaz Gill’s father refuted claims that accused him of rape in an interview with and online channel. The FIR was registered at the Beas police station in Amritsar.


The woman has accused Santokh Singh Sukh of raping her at gunpoint on 14 May 2020. However, Santokh Singh claims to have only met the woman three or four times in the past. Not only that, Santokh also said that the women who has accused him of rape used to refer him as her  ‘brother’.

He has a compelling argument as he says he never left his home on 14 May, and CCTV footage is proof of it.

It’s interesting that the woman who accused Santokh Singh of raping her, was in a relationship with Santokh Singh’s friend Lucky Sandhu. Things weren’t going too well for the couple and Sandhu wanted to end the relationship, which eventually led to an ugly fight between the two, after which Sandhu came over at Sukh’s place to stay.

Sukh received many calls from the woman and it is believed that she stopped by at his residence at around 5 pm on 14 May. Sukh did not disclose Sandhu’s whereabouts to her.

According to latest reports, the couple is back together and Sukh is being framed for allegedly raping the woman. He believes it to be a conspiracy against him.

It is not the first time a case has been filed against an actor or a relative of an actor for rape. Ankit Tiwari, the famous playback singer was accused of raping his then girlfriend in 2014 but was declared innocent by Mumbai sessions court.

Rajesh Khanna was accused of molesting Anita Advani, who was his live-in partner. The year he was accused to such charges was when Advani was still a minor.

Aditya Pancholi has stirred up many controversies in the past concerning sexual misconduct. He was accused of raping Pooja Bedi’s maid and for sexually abusing famous bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut.

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