Incest Marriages of Ancient China, rulers pleasure

Incest Marriages of Ancient China, rulers pleasure
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China Marriage: In ancient China people married their Mother in Laws. An article by the South China Morning Post covered this topic in detail.

In Ancient China Marriages between cousins were reported amongst rules

  • Lady Qijiang was the consort of two rulers of the state of Jin, Duke Wu (died 677 BC) and then Duke Xian (died 661BC), who were father and son
  • In AD 651, the Tang dynasty’s Emperor Gaozong took his late father’s consort out of a nunnery and into the palace, where she became his own consort. Four decades later, she would eventually ascend to the throne as Empress Wu Zetian, China’s only empress regnant
  • Liu Ziye emperor of Song of Southern Dynasties forced a marriage with one of his cousin, which annoyed his granduncle, Liu Yigon, this girl’s father. So Liu Yigong rebelled against Liu Ziye, but he failed and was killed then dug out eyes to be as decoration called Guimuzon
Ancient China Marriage: Emperor Liu Ziye married how own cousin

In Chinese legend, Fu Xi and Nu Wa are creators of mankind and are also related to each other. They marry each other.

Such incestous behaviour was not limited to marriages, Emperor Xiaowu engaged in incest with his own mother Empress Dowager Lu and his first cousins. His son Emperor Qianfei engaged in incest with his aunt and his elder sister. Liu Ziye had incest with his elder sister, Princess Shanyin raped his aunt, Princess Xincai taking her as one of his concubines.

Apparently China was like this until the first millennium after which these marriages stopped completely.

China Marriages became strict under Neo Confucianism

It was during the Song dynasty (960-1279), in the form of Neo-Confucianism, that such marriages were banned. Under the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), a man who married the widow of his father or paternal uncle would be decapitated, and he who married the widow of his brother would be sentenced to death by strangulation.

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