Death of Rishi Kapoor: Connection between Kapoors and Russia

Death of Rishi Kapoor: Connection between Kapoors and Russia
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Papun Rout

On 30th April Rishi Kapoor, son of legendary and influential actor of Indian Cinema “RAJ KAPOOR” died. The Kapoors’ have maintained a close relation with Russia since the time of Raj Kapoor. Here are a few highlights of relationship between Kapoors and Russian/ Soviet Film Industry

  1. Awaara (directed by Raj Kapoor in 1951)the first Indian Blockbuster Movie in Soviet Union.
  2. Raj Kapoor become the face of Indian Cinema in the Soviet Russia and have Fan Base across the Middle east and Africa.
  3. Today you know about Bhaubali , Dangal etc are the highest grossing India movies. What if you were told that Awaara and Mera Naam Joker were the highest overseas grossers and Blockbusters.

Raj Kapoor’s Fame In Russia

  1. Once upon a time Raj Kapoor was allowed to step out of the airport in Moscow, where he had his connecting flight, without visa, just to give glimpse of his presence to huge number fans standing outside the airport. The fans paid tribute to Raj Kapoor by lifting his car on their shoulder.
  2. His movies were dubbed in Russian and broadcasted in the Local television Channel of Russia.
  3. The 1967 “Song about yogis” (Russian: Песенка про йогов) by Vladimir Vysotsky mentions Raj Kapoor as one of the three best-known symbols of Indian culture in the Soviet Union, along with Shiva and yoga.
Russian Boy Singing Awara Hoon

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