Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: The Mandalorian to shock Crown?

Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: The Mandalorian to shock Crown?

Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: Heading to the big night, all the top contenders are period dramas. It is going to be a tough fight between The Crown, Pose and The Handmaid’s Tale for the best in the category.

73rd Primetime Emmy Awards are on 19th September 2021. The award has some interesting new entries and repeat nominations. While The Crown, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Mandalorian are repeat nominations – Lovercraft Country, Pose, The Boys, Bridgerton and This is Us are new entrants.

Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: The Top 3 Contenders

Let’s talk about each drama series in details, their awards history, predictions and who has the chances of getting crowned as best drama series emmy 2021.

The Crown:  

(IMDB: 8.6/10, 172,622 votes), (Rotten Tomatoes – critics: 90%, audience: 91%)

Much talked about and anticipated is a repeat nominee for the Primetime Emmy Award. According to the LA times and Variety both, The Crown will take the cake for Best Drama. One of the reasons being, other contenders of 2020, had inevitable delays in releasing fresh season.  According to Golderby, there are 99% chances that The Crown is going to win in this category due to strong performances by Emma Corrin and Gillian Anderson.

While the series has won many other awards this year for performance, if they win this – it will be their first in the category.

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 (IMDB: 8.6/10, 23,933 votes), (Rotten Tomatoes – critics: 98%, audience: 86%)

The LGBTQ and gender non-conforming drama series is not new to Emmy nominations. It was nominated for Best Drama series in 2019 as well. With other nominations in Golden Globe, Critics Choice over the years the series is a promising one. It has first ever transgender nomination in the best actor category in Emmy’s. The nomination is for the last season of the show, which symbolized celebration of life and drag ball culture.

However, in the probability of winning – while it is competitive because it is non-conventional period drama, nominations for performances, the background and set, it will give a tough fight to The Crown in the category.

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The Handmaid’s Tale

(IMDB: 8.4/10, 200,458 votes), (Rotten Tomatoes – critics: 83%, audience: 77%)

The drama with a plot of utopia Dystopia and second-civil war has won, 2017 Emmy Best Drama Series Winner, Golden Globe Nominee, and many other accolades. This year too its has been nominated for best in the category of drama.

 While it has given competition to The Crown before and is still in the league, The Crown has 4 seasons and many more awards including Golden Globe and Critics Choice. It has also grown stronger with years. So, while The Crown will still have better chances, The Handmaid’s Tale can still steal the show and surprise us.

According to Goldderby, the odds for The Crown are 4/1 and The Handmaid’s Tale 13/2.

Outstanding Drama Series Emmy 2020 was won by Succession

Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: The Other Top Contender


(IMDB: 8.8/10, 352,000 votes), (Rotten Tomatoes – critics: 93%, audience: 91%)

The Drama series based on Star Wars is the second time nominee of Emmy Drama Series Award. The series also has a Golden Globe Nomination in 2020 and winner of Critics Choice Super Awards for ‘Best Sci-Fi’ and Hollywood Critics TV Award for ‘Best Streaming Drama Series’.

The Crown and The Mandalorian both have 24 nominations in Emmy’s this time. Both are loved by their audiences. While The Crown has lot of nominations in background and costumes, The Mandalorian has nominations in technical categories.

Coming to the award, The Mandalorian has the Lucas and Star Wars charm but might be lesser drama than The Crown. It is weak to win in the category.

Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: The Other Contenders

The Lovecraft Country

(IMDB: 7.1/10, 35,184 votes), (Rotten Tomatoes – critics: 88%, audience: 64%)

The HBO show has won Critics Choice Super Awards 2021 for category of Best Horror Films. It is a new entrant in the Best Drama Nominations. The show has received most ever nominations for a canceled show of horror/si-fi genre. According to NBC, the show did not deserve so many nominations but was also not meant to be canceled.

It won ‘Top 10 TV Program of the year’ by American Film Institute Award, Nominated for ‘Best Drama Series’ – Critics Choice Award and Golden Globe Awards.

The show is about a road trip in 1950s and their journey to overcome racism and survive it. While the show has been in the news since it was released and then canceled for next season by HBO. While in terms of performance and other technical metrics, the show might be at par with other nominees, competing to win in this category looks weak.


(IMDB: 7.3/10, 86,759 votes), (Rotten Tomatoes – critics: 88%, audience: 72%)

Another period drama as a new entrant in the nominations. It is the most watched original series launch to date to the service. With Shonda Rhimes as producer and a period drama with fresh perspective, the program has already won some accolades and many nominations only with one season. AFI Award for ‘Top Television Program’, ‘Best Mini-Series’ for Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards.

While it is one more period drama in the run for best in the category and as audience never lies, a well-watched one, fresh and not a typical one – it is tough choice to win because one, not sure it is an alternative to The Crown and second, it is only one season to anticipate reception among Emmy Voters.

The Boys:

(IMDB: 8.7/10, 306,711 votes), (Rotten Tomatoes – critics: 90%, audience: 84%)

The Critics Choice Super Award winner of ‘Best Superhero Series’ and already some wins in the performance category, the series has a great soundscore for which it has been nominated in the Emmy’s too. Along with other nominations, it has received nomination of best in the category. While the audience has loved it and it shows in ratings, its rating is higher than The Crown’s as per IMDB. It is a tough competition with the category leaders like The Crown and Bridgerton with the performances, production and much higher viewership.

This is US

(IMDB: 8.7/10, 117,671 votes), (Rotten Tomatoes – critics: 93%, audience: 76%)

A family show around 2 families has been on the block for a couple of years now. It is People’s choice, Critic’s Choice, Golden Globe nominated show. This is the 4th time it is being nominated in the category of Drama Series. While the show has nominations and accolades already, it sands weak in front of the category leaders like The Crown, Bridgerton and Handmaid’s Tale.

It might have won hearts of audience but looks like it might not win heart of Emmy voters.

Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: Crown to win easily

Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: What are other websites predicting?

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Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: Tweets Update

Originally tweeted by The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) on September 13, 2021.

Congratulations to Claire Foy on her Emmy win for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama! *deep curtsy*

Emmy outstanding drama series 2021: The Mandalorian to shock Crown?

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