Google Search: In COVID times, Netflix finally Overtakes Hotstar

On Google Search, Hotstar had maintained a steady lead over Netflix for many years now. With Reality Shows and Cricket, two popular content for Indians, it was not very difficult. Covid-19 has ended both reality shows and cricket. This meant that Hotstar had to sustain using Disney Content as a differentiation. Further, it brought in Special Operations as an original series to combat both Netflix and Amazon Prime. While Search did not fall for Hotflix, it did not receive the bounce that Netflix received during the lockdown period mainly because Hotstar had limited Original Series. Netflix original series are now more searched than Hotflix Programs. 

In the meanwhile, Netflix’s received a huge bounce on Junta Curfew day as Men all over the country were forced to stay home the entire day. After that, it has not looked back with launch of 4th part of its popular Money Heist and many other original series that were less successful. 

Netflix Gained the most in the more affluent markets – Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Delhi and Karnataka. 

It remains to be seen if Netflix can maintain the lead once Lockdown ends.

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Please note that given the differing target segments, it is incorrect to say on the basis of above data that Netflix has more market share than Hotstar. However one can say, it may have gained subscribers at a faster pace than Hotstar.