Hindustani Bhau Files FIR Against Ekta Kapoor

Hindustani Bhau Files FIR Against Ekta Kapoor
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Ekta Kapoor along with Shobha Kapoor have been accused of disrespecting the Indian Army, and have an FIR filed against them by Hindustani Bhau. The accusation has been made on the basis of an episode that aired by ALT BALAJI XXX2 series.


Hindustani Babu shared a video, in which he says, “Our army is our pride and the woman indulges in a sexual act with a man, who wears her husband’s uniform. This is shameful as they have made a joke of our soldiers.”.  Hindustani Babu also mentioned that the police will conduct an investigation and will keep him updated.

He filed the complaint at the Khar Police Station. He referred Ekta Kapoor as “anti-national”. He also accused both Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor for defaming the country and disrespecting the country, the Indian Military and the national emblem.

Vikas Pathak, aka Hindustani Babu also demanded that the two accused celebrities apologize to the Indian Army.

Prior to his FIR filing, the YouTube star and Bigg Boss 13 contestant, Hindustani Bhau, informed his fans on Instagram that he will be filing an FIR against a famous Bollywood celebrity.

“As I told you yesterday, I will file a complaint against a Bollywood celebrity who is defaming the country. So here I am at the police station. The famous personality I have filed a complaint against is Ekta Kapoor and her mom Shobha Kapoor” were the words of Hindustani Baby as said by him in a video.

Vikas Pathak is against the obscenity shown in the XX2 series and has taken strong actions against it. “In the web series, they have shown that when the military personnel is away, his wife calls her boyfriend at home. Then makes him wear the military uniform and then tears it. This is shameful as they have made a joke of our soldiers” said the YouTuber. He is famous for his national love sentiment and has stirred up major controversy regarding the same in the past.

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