IPL 2020 Date: September in COVID free Dubai?

IPL 2020 Date: September in COVID free Dubai?
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IPL 2020 Date: Two reports today are suggesting that IPL may happen in Dubai in September-October.

Gulf News reported that post a decision on the T20 World cup next week when the Board of Directors are expected to take a final call on the World T20. Key points

  1. BCCI is in favour of Dubai because of past experience of conducting IPL in Dubai
  2. BCCI is in touch with Emirates Cricket Board
  3. Salman Hanif, Head of Cricket & Events of Dubai Sports City said that a large number of matches can be accommodated in a very short period of time

UAE has been adding 281 COVID cases a day making it a very option in two months time

IPL 2020 Date: Will the Government of India support this?

Highly unlikely that GOI will support this move. The inability to hold IPL because of COVID and shifting to UAE will reflect poorly on how the crisis has been handled by India. Instead, the Government will recommend to the BCCI to come up with a plan to hold IPL in India perhaps with empty stands. One needs to see how things play out in the next two weeks.

IPL 2020 date

Previous comments on IPL 2020 Dates

In May, BCCI CEO Rahul Johri said that Cricket can resume in earnest after the Monsoon and he was optimistic about the commencement of the IPL Season 13 by the end of this year. That puts it somewhere between October and December 2020.

“IPL is one of the greatest engagers. More people watched the IPL last year than those who voted for general elections. For sponsors, cricket is a leader and it will lead the way. The recovery will be sharper than a V-shaped recovery,” Were the words of BCCI CEO Rahul Johri, during the TCM Sports Huddle Webinar.

Separately, On 20th of May, former IPL COO, Sundar Raman claimed that the cancellation of IPL will severely impact cricket boards as well as players. He said, “IPL remains as the single biggest event for the global cricket economy. With a contribution of around 1/3rd of global cricket revenues annually, the importance of IPL cricket’s global economy cannot be overstressed.

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