Kangana Ranaut is highest paid but not a blockbuster actress

Kangana Ranaut is highest paid but not a blockbuster actress
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Kangana Ranaut is clearly an outspoken actor who speaks her mind and opinions often in a direct and blunt manner. Recently she called Taapsee Pannu a B Grade actor and blamed Bollywood nepotism for it.

Read our data analysis on Bollywood Nepotism, here is a summary

Bollywood Insiders are probably a better bet for Bollywood producers than outsiders. This is probably due to name recognition and how the current ecosystem operates when a movie is released. That said, the large and varied number of movies made without Bollywood insiders gives outsiders an opportunity to make it big in Bollywood. Lastly, an ‘outsider’ actress is more likely to get an opportunity in Bollywood than an insider owing to lifespan and perceived criticality to the success of the movie.

Is Kangana Ranaut a Box Office Superstar?

We look at Kangana Ranaut’s movie stats. Here is the summary (Source: Bollywoodfever)

Total Movies: 31

Superhits/ Blockbusters: 8 (26%)

Average: 4

Flops: 19 (61%)

Kangana Ranaut is the highest paid actress in bollywood

Next, we compare her with Deepika Padukone

Total Movies: 23

Superhits/ Blockbusters/ Hits: 12 (52%)

Average: 1 (9%)

Flops: 10 (43%)

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So clearly Deepika outperforms Kangana. However, an important question comes into play, Is Kangana valued more because she brings her own loyal base?

Let us look at salaries that we sourced from Vishaw Kalra, an Industry expert

  • Kangana Ranaut: 27 crores (Highest Paid Actress)
  • Deepika Padukone: 26 crores

So purely from a market value perspective, Kangana is number 1.

Finally we looked at the last 5 movies of Deepika and Kangana to see if we can break the tie breaker. We combined the lead actor and actresses fees and looked at the box office returns

Kangana: l.4 times

Deepika: 1.87 times

So even with solid Male Co-Stars, Deepika is not outperforming Kangana. But here is the catch, the average box office of last 5 of Kangana’s movies was a mere Rs 39 crores.

So, it is clear that while Kangana is quite valuable when compared with Top actresses, the returns per se are quite low and the box office size isn’t much either. Therefore, she cannot be classified a box office superstar.

There is one Male Star like her who can be classified a superstar

If one excludes superstars like Akshay, Salman etc, Kangana’s benchmark would be Ayushmann Khurrana. He delivers twice the % of hit/superhits as Kangana and very few flops with an average box office that 2 and half times that of Kangana (last 5 movies). On top of it, he charges much lesser than her giving his producers a return that is 2-3 times more than Kangana’s producers. Ayushmann Perhaps is a Box office superstar!

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