One person knows for sure if Sushant was murdered – Keshav Bachner

One person knows for sure if Sushant was murdered  – Keshav Bachner
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Keshav Bachner is key to Sushant Singh Investigation: One important question everyone is asking is when did Sushant Singh die?

Time of death: Keshav Bachner is Key

One person knows for sure if Sushant was murdered  - Keshav 'Bachner'
  1. Apparently the autopsy report did not have a time of death. Whether that can be retrieved is unclear.
  2. Neeraj Singh Estimate: 8 to 10.30 AM because he claims to have given water to Sushant around 8 am and claims Keshav Bachner was apparently the last person to see Sushant Singh alive because he served him juice later
  3. Keshav Bachner says in this India TV interview that he saw him at 8.30 AM. This puts time of death between 8.30 and 10.30 AM

Note: We have no way to confirm if the said individual is Keshav Bachner. We go with what India TV claims in their interview. Also it is unclear if his surname is ‘Bachner’

What if someone is lying to cover up a murder?

  1. If Neeraj is telling the truth and Keshav is lying, the murder would have been between 8 am to 10.30 am. If Keshav was the only one lying, the CBI needs to just focus on him and crack him open.
  2. If Neeraj Singh and Keshav both are lying. This would change the time of death to anytime from the previous evening to 10.30 am on the day of the death. Logically, Keshav can’t be telling the truth if Neeraj was lying. Now, if both were lying, the situation would have to be an elaborate murder involving numerous people within and outside the home. CBI has at least two people to interrogate and crack open the case.
  3. Now, Neeraj alone lying would not make it a murder because Keshav claims to have seen Sushant Singh around 8.30 am (India TV)
  4. If both are telling the truth, time of death would be between 8.30 am and 10.30, chances of a murder go down. Because if both are telling the truth, the probability of a murder would be extremely low given that it was day time and killing someone would carry high risk.

If one looks at all scenarios, Keshav is the key to the case. If he has been telling the truth, the chances of this being proven as murder case would come down significantly. If he has been lying, the CBI knows for sure that there is something deeper here and focus their attention on Keshav Bachner.

Pic Source: India TV Screen Grab

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Prithijit Chaudhury
Prithijit Chaudhury
1 year ago

Keshav is a mystery. He never gave any interview to any news channel. It was Neeraj (the Cook) who was giving interviews. Neeraj referred to him as ‘the Chef’ , we dont even know if the chef’s name is Keshav.

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