KRK in Trouble, FIR Registered Against Him

KRK in Trouble, FIR Registered Against Him
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Kamaal R Khan has yet again landed in trouble, after a FIR was filed against him for passing lewd and derogatory remarks on late actors Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor.

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Rahul Kanal, a core committee member of the Yuva Sena, filed a complaint against Kamaal R khan on Wednesday, regarding his obscene and lewd remarks on the deceased actors. An FIR was shortly registered against KRK. 

Rishi Kapoor, who passed away recently battling leukemia, was admitted to the H N Reliance Hospital on 29 April, 2020. When the news regarding the actor’s hospitalization and serious condition floated on social media platforms, KRK had some thoughts to spare, which stirred up a major controversy. He suggested that the actor mustn’t die as wine shops are to open soon.  KRK also took pot shots against Irrfan khan a day before he passed away.

A senior police officer made a statement, in which he said, “”We have registered an FIR against Kamal R Khan for making derogatory remarks about both the deceased actors under section 294 (punishment for obscene acts or words in public) and other provisions of the IPC,”.  

Kamaal R Khan has managed to harbor a lot of controversy over the years, as his unfiltered opinions and loud offensive remarks have been dealt with no tolerance by people. He even took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past, when he insinuated that he will leave India if BJP wins the election, making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister.

KRK is no stranger to controversy, as he is always making bizarre statements and is seen ranting on social media platforms. His obscene and lewd language is often criticized and labelled as an attention grabber stunt. But things might have escalated this time, and gone too far, as the comments made by Kamaal R khan were extremely insensitive and derogatory. Both the actors who unfortunately lost their lives this year have a huge fan following and the public is extremely intolerant towards KRK’s comments. No formal legal action has been taken against KRK yet, as only FIR has been registered. 

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