One More Celebrity Suicide: Are Celebrities Crumbling Amid Lockdown Pressure?

One More Celebrity Suicide: Are Celebrities Crumbling Amid Lockdown Pressure?
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Crime patrol actress Preksha Mehta commited suicide at the age of 25, on 25th May 2020. Presksha hung herself from a ceiling fan late Monday night at her home in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

The actress reportedly ended her life as she was torn by the lack of work during lockdown and went into depression. She also left behind a suicide note, which doesn’t explicitly mention why the actress took her life.

Her body was found by a family member on Tuesday morning.

The actress’ social media account is witness to the depressive mental state she had. She posted a few sad quotations such as “the worst thing is the death of your dream” which highlights the pain she was going through emotionally amidst lockdown.

image 49
A Sad Quotation by Preksha

Preksha Mehta not only gained fame from crime patrol, but was also seen in television shows such as ‘Laal ishq’ and ‘Meri Durga’.

This isn’t the first celebrity suicide during the lockdown. Manmeet Grewal took matters in his own hands and ended his life, after landing into huge debts amidst the lockdown. He hung himself from a ceiling fan at his Kharghar residence.

Lack of a normal routine has taken quite a toll on everyone’s mind, and it’s fragility is being put at test. Actors have been falling into a depression trap due to lack of work opportunities and limited prospects.

Celebrities are more prone to develop mental health issues and depression due to their constant exposure to public. The comparison and criticism takes quite a toll on their mental health, which can be blamed for their anxious and stressed state. Having to maintain a certain imagine in the eyes of people can prove to be exhausting. This added pressure pushes celebrities at the brink of depression and other major problems.

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