Sanjay Raut Kangana Ranaut Clash over Mumbai Police

Sanjay Raut Kangana Ranaut Clash over Mumbai Police
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Sanjay Raut Kangana Ranaut Clash over Mumbai Police: Bollywood actress and a National Award winner, Kangana Ranaut is popular amongst many Indians. She was instrumental in making the conversation around nepotism mainstream when she first spoke about it in Koffee with Karan, with Karan Johar. Since then, she has never shied away from speaking her mind, no matter how controversial her statements are. Then be it supporting Prime Minister Modi on policy decisions or speaking against Bollywood in the concerning Sushant Singh Rajput death case, her statements make national news and grip the attention of the nation.

Sanjay Raut Kangana Clash over comments about Mumbai Police

This time she has stirred a new pot in going after the Mumbai Police and calling comparing Mumbai to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). This, of course, did not go down well with the leaders of Maharashtra, and what followed was a public spat between Kangana Ranaut and Shiv Sena

In response to her statement against Mumbai Police and Mumbai, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh in an interview with a leading newspaper told, she (Kangana) has no right to live in Maharashtra. He said ‘’Mumbai Police is compared to Scotland Yard. Some people are trying to target Mumbai Police. An IPS officer has gone to court against this. After, her comparison of Mumbai Police, she has no right to live in Maharashtra or Mumbai”.

But prominent Maharashtra and Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut, took special offence with her statement and has used less than flattering words for her. He called her a ‘Haramkhor’ and threatened dire consequences if she decided to come to Mumbai.

He claimed that Kangana has abused Shivaji Maharaj and hurt the pride of Maharashtra. In a later statement given to ANI, he spoke about forgiving Kangana if she apologizes. In his statement, he said, “If that girl (Kangana Ranaut) will apologise to Maharashtra, then I will think about it (of apologising). She calls Mumbai a mini Pakistan. Does she have the courage to say the same about Ahmedabad?

Sanjay Raut Kangana Clash: Diya Mirza, Ranvir Shorey Come in Support of Kangana

But Kangana was not alone in her fight, she found support in her Bollywood colleagues. Actress Dia Mirza spoke sharply against Sanjay Raut’s ‘Haramkhor’ statement and tweeted, “Strongly condemn the word ‘haramkhor’ used by @rautsanjay61 . Sir you have every right to express your displeasure for what Kangana has said but you must apologize for using such language.” She was not the only one, actor Ranvir Shorey, spoke in support of Kangana, and also slammed the statements made by Sanjay Raut, Ranvir tweeted “The language used here by this local Maharashtra politician for @KanganaTeam, the heartthrob of millions around the country, is utterly deplorable, whatever the provocation!”

Sanjay Raut Kangana Clash: BJP Leaders come in support of Kangana

She also found support from political circles when BJP leader Sambit Patra went against Raut. In response to a tweet by Raut, wherein Raut warned people against challenging his strength, Sambit tweeted back saying that Maharashtra government is making the state a cesspool drugs and death. In his tweet, Patra says  “This is what the world is asking… After all, what is it that you want to turn the tide of “Drugs, Death & Dhoka” storm at any cost?”

Whether the statements made by Kangana, were right or wrong is a matter of contention and debate, but the manner in which this statement has become the talk of the nation clearly indicates the impact of Kangana Ranaut in modern-day political discourse. And it’ll be rather interesting to see how this thing will completely pan out.

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Sanjay Raut Kangana Ranaut Clash over Mumbai Police
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