Sushant Singh Rajput Commits Suicide: But Why?

Sushant Singh Rajput Commits Suicide: But Why?
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Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide. 34-year old actor was found hanging in his Bandra flat today. Sushant Singh Rajput made name for himself on small screen especially with his role in Pavitra Rishta. After that the actor got an opportunity to act in Bollywood movie Kai Po Che Since then the actor was seen as future face of Bollywood. His acting skills in Kai Po Che was much appreciated by the viewers.

Sushant Singh Rajput was last seen in movie Chhichhore where he is seen educating his on-screen child about life failures and suicide not being an option. The actor is well known for his role in biopic M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. In this movie he is seen playing the role of former Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Born in Patna, Sushant Singh Rajput completed his studies in Mechanical engineering. It must be noted that Sushant Singh Rajput’s former Manager Disha Salian too committed suicide few days ago. Every industry in India and around the world has suffered due to Coronavirus. Bollywood, the industry where Sushant belonged have not just witnessed financial loss but also loss of lives. Recently Bollywood music Composer Wajid Khan of Sajid-Wajid duo died due to COVID19. Bollywood also lost legends like Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, however, they did not die due to COVID19.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide comes as a shock to everyone. Sushant was admired by many and this step might have broken the ones who admired him. Like it is said, the ones who die are gone forever but the ones who loved that person, cared for that person are the ones who suffer. None can deny the fact that the lockdown has created a sense of loneliness within everyone. However, it is of utmost important to talk to the ones who care for us, it is important to share ourselves with our relatives, friends or may be someone unknown so that we feel good. Suicide is not a solution; none of us were promised an easy life, struggle is part of life. Suicide is not the solution, however we cannot ignore the mental state of the person who commits suicide.

What was going in his mind? What did he want? Was it fixable? These are the few questions which might affect the minds of everyone when loneliness creeps in. Who is gone is gone forever, but the ones that person leaves behind are the ones who suffers the pain of departure. Sushant was a bright actor, he had a long way to go. However, he chose suicide to be an only solution to whatever he was going through. Few people forget to realise that they may be a role model for someone else, any negative step by them affects the lives of those who admires them.

At the end we all know life goes on, Sun will again rise and shine tomorrow. However, the childish smiles of Sushant Singh Rajput will no more fill happiness in the life of his relatives, friends and fans. Struggle is part of life, we fail to accept it. Whatever be, world is not as bad as we think, nor the world is going to end due to any pandemic, we should learn to open up, share our feelings. World will help us, our patience will be tested by universe, we need to win to survive. May be Sushant Singh Rajput failed to realise this and at the end all his struggles, all his efforts ended with a rope and a fan. Rest In Peace, Sushant, hope you travel well.

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