Ullu Leads amongst ‘Adult’ Content Platforms

Ullu Leads amongst ‘Adult’ Content Platforms
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Ullu Leads amongst ‘Adult’ Content Platforms

According to our analysis of Google Trends, Ullu is the market leader in ‘Adult’ Content. By Adult Content, we mean Semi-Pornographic Content. Adult content like all other online content has taken off during the COVID crisis. Top Players in this segment include

  • Ullu App
  • Fliz
  • Kooku
  • Hotshots
  • ALTBalaji

Who is the Market Leader in this space?

While it is difficult to track market share in this sector, we use Google Search trends to try building a market share hierarchy. We know this works in most categories and will probably do so here as well. Important note of caution is that the category is quite nascent and so there could be issues in this compared to traditional search data.

On Google Search, In February, here is how the Index looked

  • Ullu – 74
  • Fliz – 70
  • Kooku – 6
  • Hotshots -8
  • ALTBalaji – 39

This changed quite a bit in June

  • Ullu – 78
  • Fliz – 63
  • Kooku – 25
  • Hotshots -8
  • ALTBalaji – 29

It is clear that the market share appears to be slowly consolidating behind one strong player. It is not yet there but could be soon.

What are the Top 5 Trending Series on Ullu during Corona Times?

Kasak – An Ullu Original, this was the top trending series during this period. Kasak is a story about a passionate nurse who after having protested against hospital corruption is raped and ends up in Coma in the same hospital. It explores corruption in hospitals spiced up with some adult content.

Ullu serves Adult Content

Kasak includes ihana dhillon who starred in Hate Story 4

and Minissha Lamba who starred with Ranbir Kapoor in Bachna ae haseeno

Kask is also distributed by MX Player

It enjoys an IMDB rating of 5.3

Tijarat part of Riti Riwaj Series was second most trending on Ullu

Watch Tijarat Episode From Riti Riwaj Adult Series Reviews Leaked ...

Ishq Kills was 3rd most trending on Ullu

Ishq Kills (ULLU) Actors, Cast & Crew: Roles, Salary » StarsUnfolded

Singardaan was 5th most popular on Ullu

Singardaan - Ullu

Size Matters

Ullu - Size Matters

The series are apparently so profitable that there was court case a few months ago. Quoting Bar and Bench’s coverage

Pursuant to a copyright infringement suit by Urdu writer, Shamoil Ahmad Khan, the Bombay High Court has directed makers of web series ‘Singardaan’ to maintain an account of their revenue. (Shamoil Ahmad Khan vs Falguni Shah & Ors)

While refusing to pass an order of interim injunction against the makers, the Court observed that a compensation in terms of an adequate remuneration or a share of such profits might be awarded to Khan in case of a decree in his favour.

The order was passed a single Judge Bench of Justice SC Gupte.

Where did Ullu Perform well in June?

  1. Odisha (Is also a top market for YouTube and TikTok)
  2. Gujarat
  3. Bengal
  4. Chhattisgarh
  5. Assam

Weakest Markets for Ullu? (4 of these are non-hindi markets)

  1. Tamil Nadu
  2. Kerala
  3. Karnataka
  4. Andhra Pradesh
  5. Haryana

Adult platforms are not probably as watched as much as platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime or even full fledged Pornographic web-sites (Deriving from Google Search). Pornographic web-sites lead both mainstream and adult platforms in total searches though one cannot know for sure if minutes of consumption is high.

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