Leicester City vs Brighton Prediction and Stats

Leicester City vs Brighton Prediction and Stats

Leicester City vs Brighton Prediction: Bookmakers as well as Stats suggest a win for the Seagulls.

Leicester City vs Brighton, Other Predictions

  • Foxes are likely to score first in the second half
  • Seagulls are likely to score first in the first half
  • Harvey Barnes has the highest probability of scoring for Leicester City
  • Mac-Allister has been in Prime touch for Seagulls recently and is likely to score for the Brighton

Leicester City vs Brighton score Prediction: Leicester City: 0, Brighton: 2

Statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the match may not necessarily replicate recent performances

Brighton & Hove Albion will visit King Power Stadium to take on the foxes in an effort to get into the top five of the Premier League standings. On prior matchdays, both sides had opposite results.

Thanks to a brace from Solly March and a late goal from Danny Welbeck, the Seagulls thrashed Liverpool at home. On the other hand, The Foxes lost to Nottingham on the road.

Leicester City vs Brighton Prediction: Last 5 Games

Leicester City

  • Leicester City has a poor home record. Leicester has been inconsistent with one win, three losses, and one draw in the last 5 matches with an overall aggregate of 2-5.
  • The Foxes’ only win came against a non-top-10 opponent. Foxes defeated Leeds 2-0.


  • Brighton are 3-2 in away fixtures and has won three on the bounce. Brighton is 11-9 on aggregate in away games.
  • Brighton has faced three Non-Top 10 teams in the last five games and are 10-4 against them with three or more goal in all matches.

Performance momentum favours Brighton

Leicester City vs Brighton Prediction: Attack Analysis

Leicester City

  • Leicester City has been inconsistent in scoring goals and has averaged below Premier League goals. Leicester has an average of 1.4 goals per match and scores 1 goal less every 10 matches than a typical Premier League side.
  • Leicester City has averaged 4.1 shots on target per match and has a goal conversion rate of 32%. Leicester City hits roughly 38% of shots on target from the total shots
  • Leicester City has struggled to score goals at home. Leicester City has averaged 1 goal per match and 70% of them came in the first half.
  • James Maddison has played 13 matches so far and has taken 13 shots on target from 25 shots and scored 7 goals. Maddison averages 40 passes per match, has an 84% pass completion rate, and assists four times.
  • Harvey Barnes has appeared in 17 games, taken 31 shots overall with 19 of them on target, and scored 6 goals. Harvey Barnes averages 23 passes per game and completes them 76% of the time


  • Brighton has been consistent going forward and has scored 1.9 goals per match this season. Brighton scores 0.4 goals higher than the Typical Epl side.
  • Brighton has averaged 5.7 shots on target and a 27% goal conversion rate. Brighton shoots 5.7 shots on target out of 13.6 shots.
  • Brighton has averaged 2.11 goals per match in the away games with 60% of the goals coming in the first half.
  • With 18 games under his belt, Pascal Groß has seen 10 of his total 14 shots land on goal and six goals. Pascal Groß averages 46 passes per game, completes them 83% of the time, and contributes 3 assists.
  • Alexis Mac Allister has played 15 games, taken 22 shots overall and made 12 of them on goal. She has also scored 5 goals. Alexis Mac Allister averages 57 passes per game, completes them 89% of the time, and does not provide any assists.

Brighton has advantage on attack

Leicester City vs Brighton Prediction: Defence Analysis

Leicester City

  • Leicester City has struggled defensively this season and has conceded 1.74 goals per match.
  • The Stats are not as better either with Leicester City struggling on all stats. Leicester City conceded 13.6 shots, with 4.75 shots on target and a Save % of 63.2.
  • Leicester City however has been better at home with 1 goal conceded per match with a clean sheet in 33% of matches.
  • Leicester City conceding pattern is pretty Volatile and has conceded 5-5 goals in both halves at home.


  • Brighton has been above par this season. Brighton have conceded 1.39 goals per match with 0.08 fewer goals conceded than the average Premier League side.
  • Brighton’s numbers have been positive, except for Save % where they have fared poorly on stats. Brighton’s other statistics, such as shot on target conceded, Shots conceded, have been above average.
  • Brighton has given more goals away than at home. Brighton has given 0.30 goals more in away fixtures.
  • Brighton has conceded 60% of the goals in the second half.

Brighton defence is overall better than Foxes.

Leicester City vs Brighton Odds


  • Leicester City: 13/5
  • Brighton 11/10

Leicester City vs Brighton H2H Statistics

Matches: 42 | Leicester City: 19 | Draw: 8| Brighton: 15 |

Last 5 matches: Leicester City: 2 | Draw: 1 | Brighton: 2

Last Meeting: Brighton defeated Leicester City 5-2 in their last fixture on 4 September 2022.

Leicester City vs Brighton Prediction: Key highlights

  • In the past five matches, Leicester has hosted two and the Brighton has hosted three matches.
  • Leicester City has won all its home games against Brighton.
  • The Past five matches has seen 3.8 goals scored per match between both sides.
  • Brighton has scored 2.2 goals per match and conceded 1,6 goals per match.

Leicester City vs Brighton Score Prediction

  • Brighton has a Performance Momentum
  • Brighton has a superior attack
  • Brighton has the edge on defence.
  • Parity on Recent Head-to-Head
  • Overall: Brighton to win

Brighton will look to secure its 4th straight win away. Brighton has been playing well and has looked ominous going forward while Leicester has seemed toothless in both facets of the game.

score prediction: Brighton is 10-4 against non-Top 10 teams in their last three games, Foxes hasn’t scored a goal against a top-tier side in their last four home games and is more than likely to struggle against Brighton. Brighton: 2, Leicester City: 0



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