Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction and Stats

Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction and Stats

Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction: Bookmakers as well as Stats suggest a win for the Reds.

Liverpool vs Chelsea: Other Predictions

  • Liverpool is likely to score the first goal in the second half
  • Chelsea is expected to score the first goal in the second half
  • Mohammad Salah has the highest probability of scoring for Liverpool
  • Kai Havertz has the highest probability of scoring for Chelsea.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Goal Prediction: Liverpool: 1, Chelsea: 0

Statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the match may not necessarily replicate recent performances

In a marquee clash, Chelsea (10th in the League) will travel to Anfield to face off against Liverpool (9th in the League). After a miserable season thus far, both teams are competing for a Champions League berth. Both sides would be meeting for the first time this season. Last year, Liverpool defeated Chelsea in the F.A. Cup Final.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction: Last 5 Games Analysis


  • Liverpool has won four out of the last 5 home games with a goal aggregate of 8-4.
  • Two of these 5 games were clean sheets
  • Liverpool has faced just 1 out of the Top-10 teams in the last 5 matches. The Reds defeated Man City 1-0 in that game.


  • Chelsea has not won a single of the last 5 away games. Chelsea is aggregating 3-8 in the 5 matches. Chelsea failed to score in 2 of those games
  • Only 1 of these 5 games was a clean sheet
  • In the last five games, Chelsea has faced three Top 10 teams and lost all three matches. Chelsea is aggregating 2-6 in those games.

Performance momentum favors Liverpool

Liverpool vs Chelsea Goal Prediction


  • Liverpool has scored an average of 1.6 goals in the last 5 games at Anfield. They have conceded 0.8 goals per game (last 5 games)
  • On average Liverpool scores in the first half, an average of 37 minutes.
  • Liverpool is averaging 1.9 goals per match in the Premier League this season. 0.40 goals higher than in the Premier League.
  • Liverpool has averaged 6.1 shots on target per match and has a goal conversion rate of 30%. Liverpool hit roughly 36.8% of shots on target from the total shots
  • Liverpool has dominated at home and has scored 2.56 goals per match which are roughly 1.4 goals higher than its away average. Liverpool scored 13 of the 23 away goals in the first half.


  • Chelsea has scored an average of 0.6 goals in the last 5 away games. They have conceded 1.6 goals per game (last 5 games)
  • On average Chelsea scores in the first half, an average of 31 minutes. But they failed to score in two of those games.
  • Chelsea has been inconsistent going forward and has scored 1.2 goals per match this season. 0.20 goals lower than the average EPL side.
  • Chelsea has averaged 4.1 shots on target and a 28% goal conversion rate. Chelsea has a shooting accuracy of 35.3%.
  • Chelsea has averaged 0.9 goals per match in the away games with 9 of the 13 goals coming in the second half.

Liverpool has the advantage on attack

Liverpool vs Chelsea Odds


  • Liverpool: 89/100
  • Chelsea 31/100
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Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction: Who is likely to score a goal?


  • Mohamed Salah has played 18 games, taken 48 shots overall with 24 of them finding the back of the net, and scored 7 goals. With a pass completion rate of 77% and an assist total of 4, Mohamed Salah averages 26 passes per game.
  • Roberto Firmino has played 13 games, taken 26 shots overall with 20 of them finding the target, and scored 7 goals. Roberto Firmino averages 33 passes per game, completes them 80% of the time, and contributes 3 assists.


  • Kai Havertz has participated in 18 games, taken 31 shots overall with 17 of them finding the target, and scored 5 goals. Kai Havertz averages 25 passes per game, completes them 82% of the time, and contributes 1 assist.
  • Mason Mount has participated in 18 games, taken 19 shots overall with 9 of them finding the target, and scored 3 goals. Mason Mount makes an average of 34 passes a game, completing them 81% of the time, and he also assists twice.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction: Defence Analysis


  • In the last 5 games at Anfield, Liverpool has unusually conceded goals in the first 10 minutes of the game. Though, 2 games were clean sheets.
  • Liverpool has not been as effective as other top sides. Liverpool has conceded 1.39 goals per match.
  • Liverpool has struggled in two of the four stats. Liverpool has conceded 4.89 shots on target with a save percentage of 71.4%
  • Liverpool however has been better at home with 1 goal conceded per match with a clean sheet in 33% of matches.
  • Liverpool conceded 7 of the 9 goals at home in the first half.


  • In the last 5 games, Chelsea conceded the first goal on average in the 40th minute.
  • This season, Chelsea’s defense has been strong. Chelsea has allowed 1.11 goals per game, 0.36 lower than the typical Premier League team.
  • With the exception of shots on target, Chelsea’s statistics have been strong overall. Other metrics for Chelsea, such the percentage of saves and shots allowed, have been superior.
  • Chelsea has struggled a little defensively away from home. Chelsea has conceded 1.4 goals away with a clean sheet in 30% of the matches.
  • Chelsea has conceded 9 of the 14 goals in the first half.

Liverpool has the advantage on Defense.

Chelsea vs Liverpool H2H Statistics

Matches: 192 | Chelsea: 65 | Draw: 43 | Liverpool: 84

Recent 5 Meetings: Chelsea: 1 | Draw: 2 | Liverpool: 2

Last Meeting: Liverpool defeated Chelsea in an F.A cup final on Penalties.

Chelsea vs Liverpool Prediction: Key highlights

  • In the past five matches, Liverpool has hosted two and the Chelsea has hosted three matches.
  • Liverpool has failed to defeat Chelsea at home.
  • The Past five matches have seen 1.4 goals scored per match between both sides.
  • Liverpool has scored 0.6 goals per match and conceded 0.8 goals per match.

Chelsea vs Liverpool Predicted Lineup


Denis Zakaria

Denis Zakaria was forced off the field against Fulham in the 56th Minute against Fulham and added to the long list of Injury list for the Blues.


In the Premier League loss to Manchester City, Pulisic was forced to leave the game with an injury after being injured more severely in a tackle by John Stones. The American international lost the challenge twice, and his despair was obvious.


Sterling was replaced early in the game. The 28-year-old winger collided with John Stones in the match against Manchester City and collapsed to the ground while grinning.


Luis Diaz

Since the beginning of October, Diaz has been sidelined due to a knee issue. The Colombian international has missed much of the season due to an injury sustained in a collision with Thomas Partey of Arsenal. Jota has been sidelined until March.

Van Dijk

Van Dijk is also expected to be out of Chelsea Fixture. The defender is suffering from a Muscle complaint in the midst of the Match against Brentford.


Jota has been sidelined for two months now and is not expected to return before February.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Predicted Lineup

Liverpool Predicted Line up: Allison; Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Konate, Tsimikas; Fabinho, Thiago; Elliott, Carvalho; Salah, Gakpo.

Chelsea Predicted Line up: Kepa , Silva, Azpilicueta, Koulibaly, Chalobah, Kovačić, Mount, Zakaria, Havertz, Cucurella, Ziyech

Liverpool vs Chelsea Winner Prediction

  • Liverpool has the Performance Momentum
  • Liverpool has a superior attack
  • Liverpool has the advantage on defense.
  • Overall: Liverpool to win

Both teams are in poor shape heading into this contest and have been plagued with Injuries. The Reds however have an advantage over the Blues due to their superior offense. The Blues has struggled to score goals and it is likely to continue against the Reds, who have generally defended well at home. We say Liverpool: 1, Chelsea: 0



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