Man United vs Man City Prediction and Stats

Man United vs Man City Prediction and Stats

Man United vs Man City Prediction: Bookmakers prefer Man City but stats suggest a narrow Man City win or even a draw

Man United vs Man City, Other Predictions

  • Man United is likely to score first in the second half
  • Man City is likely to score first in the first half
  • Marcus Rashford has the highest probability of scoring for Man United
  • Erling Haaland has been in top form and seems like scoring in every game for the City.

Man United vs Man City score Prediction Score Man United: 0, Man City: 1 or Man United: 2, Man City: 2

Man City will travel across the City to play Man United at Old Trafford on Saturday in a critical premier league game for both teams. Man City is placed 2nd in the league table with 39 points (5 short of Arsenal) with a Goal Difference of 29. Man United on the other hand is placed 4th with 35 points and a Goal difference of 20. Man City has won 3 out of the last 5 games while Man United has won 4 out of the last 5 games.

Man United vs Man City Prediction: Last 5 Games

Man United

  • Man United has an exceptional home record and has gone five games without a home loss. United has played a tie and has four victories. In its previous five home games, United has a goal aggregate of 9-0
  • Man United has played two top 10 teams during this period, it won 1 and the other game was drawn.

Man City

  • Man City has won 4 of the last 5 away games. It lost a single game to Liverpool. The Overall goal aggregate was 8-2
  • Man City played two top 10 teams during this period, it won 1 and lost a game

Overall, recent momentum favors Man United.

Man United vs Man City Prediction: Attack Analysis

Man United

  • Since a stalemate at home against Newcastle on October 16, 2022, Manchester United has not gone an entire game without scoring. With two or more goals scored in three of the last five games, United frequently scores two or more goals when playing at home.
  • United scores their first goal as usual in the 47th minute,
  • Marcus Rashford has played 13 games, taken 22 shots overall with 13 of them finding the back of the net, and scored 4 goals. Marcus Rashford averages 22 passes per game, completes them 76% of the time, and contributes 2 assists.
  • With a 60% shooting accuracy over 6 games, Antony has scored 3 goals. With an 84% pass completion rate, Antony averages 36 passes per game.
  • Anthony Martial has participated in 5 games, taking a total of 5 shots, with 4 of them finding the target. He has also scored 2 goals. Anthony Martial completes 12 passes on average (78% of the time) and assists twice a game.

Man City

  • Man City has a 1.6 goal difference less on the road than at home, but the outcomes have been the reverse. Man City also scored its first goal on average in the second half between 50 and 55 minutes
  • Erling Haaland has participated in 12 games, fired 43 shots altogether, 28 of which have been successful, and added 18 goals. Erling Haaland completes 77% of his passes, averages 15 passes per game, and assists three times.
  • Phil Foden has 20 shots in his 11 appearances, 14 of them on goal, and 7 goals. Phil Foden averages 38 passes per game, with an 86% pass completion rate, and 3 assists per game.
  • 13 games have been played, 22 shots have been made with 12 of them reaching the back of the net, and 3 goals have been scored by Kevin De Bruyne. Kevin De Bruyne averages 44 passes per game, an 80% pass completion rate, and 9 assists per game.

Man City is much stronger on the Attack

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Man United vs Man City Prediction: Defence Analysis

Man United

  • Man United concedes their average first goal in 52 minutes. In two of the past five games, Man United did not allow a goal.
  • That aside, Man Utd’s defense has been average. United has allowed 15 fewer goals than the typical Premier League team. United, however, has performed average in terms of important defensive stats like shots allowed on target, shots allowed per game, and save %.
  • United has allowed 12.4 goals per game compared to 12.6 in the Premier League. De Gea’s performance hasn’t been terrific either. Compared to Pl’s average of 69%, the Spaniard’s save percentage has been 68.3%.

Man City

  • Man City concedes its first goal on average between 60 and 65 minutes.
  • Man City’s defense has been stronger than United’s, as they allow only 1.00 goals and 7.3 shots per game (5.3 shot fewer than the Premier League average)
  • Man City allows 2.93 shots on goal per game, but their goaltending has been poor; Edersen’s save percentage is 3% worse than the average for the Premier League.

Man City had the edge in Defence

Man United vs Man City Odds


  • Man United 7/2
  • Man City 4/5

Probability of winning

  • Man United 22%
  • Man City 54%

Man United vs Man City H2H Statistics

Matches: 188 | Man United: 77 | Draw: 53 | Man City: 58|

Last 5 matches: | Man United: 1 | Draw: | Man City: 4

Last Meeting: Man City defeated Man United 6-3 in their last fixture on 2 October 2022.

Man United vs Man City Prediction: Key highlights

  • The Fixture between both teams has seen 4 goals per match in the last 5 games.
  • Man City has 2 clean sheets while United has 1 clean sheet against each other in the last 5 games.
  • United has mustered only 4 goals against City in the last 5 games While City has scored 16 goals against United.

Man United vs Man City Prediction: Injuries

Man United

Diogo Dalot:

preferred right back After missing both of the recent Old Trafford victories over Burnley and Nottingham Forest due to a hamstring injury, Diogo Dalot is still out of commission.

The defender missed United’s training sessions last week after suffering a hamstring strain on December 10 while representing Portugal at the World Cup.

Man City

Ruben Dias suffered a hamstring injury during Portugal’s World Cup quarterfinal loss to Morocco, and there are worries that the center-back might be sidelined for up to a month.

Man United vs Man City Score Prediction

  • Recent Momentum favors Man United
  • Man City is much stronger on the attack
  • Man City has the edge on Defense
  • Overall: Small Man City win or possibly a draw

When they last played, Manchester United and Manchester City put on a goal-scoring extravaganza in which nine goals were scored. When playing United at the Etihad, City was in cruise control. At Old Trafford, though, where United has been outstanding and has gone five games without losing, things are not anticipated to be the same. In the previous five games at Old Trafford, United has allowed just 1 goal. Man City has scored 8 goals and lets 5 goals while on the road, and their injury problems have prevented them from matching United’s home record. The performance of Marcus Rashford, who has looked on par with any forward in the world and was absent when these teams last faced off, is one of the additional factors that balance this match.

Score Prediction: In the most recent games, City has dominated Head-to-Head. The exponential improvement in Man United’s performance has evened out the playing field in this match. We predict a 2-2 tie between United and City.



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