Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction: Villa to Win

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction: Villa to Win

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction: Aston Villa is predicted to win their upcoming match against Bournemouth as per the latest prediction.

  • When is Aston Villa Most Likely to Score a goal? Aston Villa scored 56% of their goals in the last phase of the game. It is likely to continue given How poor Bournemouth is defending in the Last 15 minutes.
  • When is Bournemouth most Likely to concede a goal? Bournemouth is highly unlikely to concede a goal in the last phase of the match.
  • Who is Most Likely to Score For Aston Villa? Aston Villa has a lot of goal scorers. But given the prediction, Ollie Watkins and Danny Ings along With Philippe Coutinho are the Most likely.
  • Who is Most Likely to Score For Bournemouth? Dominic Solanke and Jaidon Smith score 0.88 goals per match. They are the most likely to score for Bournemouth in this match.
  • Who will win the match? Aston Villa vs Bournemouth odds offered by Bet Makers predicts a higher chance of Aston Villa’s victory. It is evident in the Fact by the form of two teams. Aston Villa goes to this match as Firm Favourite.

As part of their first match of the 2022/23 season, newly promoted Bournemouth will go Head-to-Head with Aston Villa in their home Fixture at Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth on August 6, 2022. In the past, this would have been a relegation battle, but Villa has moved on and is now targeting a European finish. With Bournemouth still in a relegation battle, every point counts, and they’ll be aiming to build momentum with a win this week.

Bournemouth’s fans would be excited as the Premier League returns to their home after two years, but the season opener can prove to be a litmus test as they await Aston Villa Challenge, led by the Magician Phillipe Coutinho.

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Odds

Aston Villa2.231.18
Predicted WinnerAston VillaAston Villa

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction: Recent Form

Aston Villa has not lost a single game this Preseason, as they scored 7 Objective and conceded only two goals while playing a 2-2 Draw against a Strong Manchester United outfit. Bailey, Watkins and Archer has Looked in Good form as they Scored 2 a piece.

Goals ScoredGoals Conceded
First 15 minutes1
16 to 30 minutes1
31 to 45 minutes11
46 to 60 minutes1
61 to 75 minutes2
76 to 90 minutes2

Bournemouth has been in very form as they lost two of the three games that have been played and often conceded in the last phase of the Match.

Goals ScoredGoals Conceded
First 15 minutes11
16 to 30 minutes
31 to 45 minutes1
46 to 60 minutes11
61 to 75 minutes
76 to 90 minutes2

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction: Key Players Stats (2021/2022)

Aston Villa Attack: Ollie Watkins and Dany Ings will Spearhead and Aston Villa’s attack. They Score 1 goal in two matches with a Shooting Average of 40%.

Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa)Danny Ings (Aston Villa)
Goals per Match0.310.23
Assists per Match0.060.20
Shots per Match2.21.63
Shooting Accuracy42%37%

Bournemouth Attack: Bournemouth Attack will be spearheaded by Dominic Solanke and Jaidon Anthony. They scored 0.89 goals per match with a Shot accuracy of Close to 38% in the Championship last year.

Dominic Solanke (Bournemouth)Jaidon Anthony (Bournemouth)
Goals per Match0.630.22
Assists per Match0.150.17
Shots per Match3.481.72
Shooting Accuracy37%38.7

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction: Defense Stats (2021/2022)

Aston Villa Defence:

Matty Cash and Tyrone Mings form a Defensive Wall for Aston Villa. Their average Clearances per match stood at 2.65 per match, with good Interception Metrics

* it has been noted in Data Crunching, that 3 Clearances per match equals to 1 goal saved.

Matty Cash (Aston Villa) Tyrone Mings (Aston Villa)
Clean Sheets Percentage27%31%
Clearances per Match2.154.16
Tackles Success56%52%
Interceptions per match1.281.27

Bournemouth Defence: Lloyd Kelly and Jordan Zemura will lead the Defence for Bournemouth. They averaged around 1.85 Clearances per match with good Interceptions per match.

Lloyd KellyJordan Zemura
Clean Sheets Percentage49%41%
Clearances per Match2.121.58
Tackles Success81%73%
Interceptions per match0.891.48

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction: Goalkeeper Stats

Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)Mark Travers (Bournemouth)
Goals Conceded (per Game)1.220.8
Clean Sheet31%44%
Save Percent67.2%76.9%

Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction: Head-to-Head

Matches: 9 Aston Villa: Bournemouth: 4 Draw: 1

Last 5 games: Aston Villa – 2, Bournemouth – 3, Draw –

Recent Meeting: Bournemouth got the better of Aston Villa in last Match as they defeated them 2-1.

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Aston Villa vs Bournemouth Prediction